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Dental Insurance   •   December 20, 2016

HIPAA Compliance and Dental Offices: Overview

When you mention HIPAA to most dentists or dental office managers you will most likely receive a negative response. Implementing HIPAA can be challenging with complicated risk assessments, creating and following Privacy and Security Policies and Procedures, and training staff on their responsibilities. Worst of all, HIPAA isn’t a revenue generating activity, and usually gets […]

Dental Insurance   •   October 19, 2016

PPO Dental Insurance Making Dental Care Affordable In Texas

Dental care has become increasingly expensive and in the US, paying your bills without dental insurance to back you up can be as pricey as a car. Some clinics offer installment plans to help you make the payments. While this can still work, the overall expense will still get to you. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) […]