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Fort Worth Dentist   •   August 4, 2015

Visiting Your Ft. Worth Dentist For Critical Examinations

When you visit our Ft. Worth dentist office, the one thing that you will be sure to hear about is the importance of having regularly scheduled appointments right here at the dentist office. Over the last several years, we have observed an alarming trend, nationally, with fewer people coming in to see their dentist on […]

Fort Worth Dentist   •   July 2, 2015

Dental Myths Debunked by a Fort Worth Dentist

As a Fort Worth dentist, we treat patients who come in with health concerns. During these appointments, we start by examining the teeth to determine what the problem is, how to treat it, and how to prevent it from happening again. Once a tooth is healthy, keeping the mouth in good health is important and […]

Fort Worth Dentist   •   May 6, 2015

An easy way to find a Fort Worth dentist

It might not be as difficult to find a Fort Worth dentist as you thought it would be.  Many dentist offices offer payment plans for their more extensive procedures.  If you need a tooth extraction, implants, or oral surgery, your dentist’s office is almost sure to have some sort of payment plan to meet your budget. Affordable […]

Fort Worth Dentist   •   March 17, 2015

Why We Use Fluoride in Our Fort Worth Dentist Office

If you want strong and healthy teeth, visit our Fort Worth dentist office.  We have a variety of ways to improve your oral health including cleaning your teeth on a regular basis and using fluoride to strengthen them.  We especially recommend fluoride treatments in children and teens, preferring to treat their teeth at least once […]

Fort Worth Dentist   •   January 5, 2015

A Fort Worth Dentist Can Give You a Smile Makeover

If you don’t like your smile, a Fort Worth dentist can help.  In our dental office, we regularly complete smile makeovers for patients that want a gorgeous smile but have various problems that are standing in the way of that goal. Whether dark-stained teeth, ones that are crooked, damaged or even lost – we can […]