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Caring For Sensitive Teeth After Having Fillings

After getting a filling put in or replaced in a decayed or damaged tooth, it is common for the tooth to be sensitive; usually after the effect of anesthetic wears off. Your teeth may be sensitive to temperature, sweet or sour foods and air pressure. There are various explanations for sensitivity around fillings and each […]

Extracting Wisdom Teeth can Protect the Entire Teeth Arch

Getting your wisdom tooth extracted can be a great decision for your well-being and in some cases it becomes essential to have it pulled for one’s overall health. Wisdom teeth can contribute to your teeth becoming crowded and if it gets impacted below the gum line, it can cause some serious infections. Tooth extraction is […]

Non-Surgical Dental Treatments are Better for Your Dental Health

The dental communities look more fondly on treatments that are minimally invasive and generally do not involve complex surgeries. It makes non-surgical dental treatments cost effective as most surgeries surpass the price range that the general public can afford. There are also cases where a non surgical therapy is usually performed before going into surgery […]

Fort Worth Dentist   •   August 4, 2015

Visiting Your Ft. Worth Dentist For Critical Examinations

When you visit our Ft. Worth dentist office, the one thing that you will be sure to hear about is the importance of having regularly scheduled appointments right here at the dentist office. Over the last several years, we have observed an alarming trend, nationally, with fewer people coming in to see their dentist on […]

Fort Worth Dentist   •   July 2, 2015

Dental Myths Debunked by a Fort Worth Dentist

As a Fort Worth dentist, we treat patients who come in with health concerns. During these appointments, we start by examining the teeth to determine what the problem is, how to treat it, and how to prevent it from happening again. Once a tooth is healthy, keeping the mouth in good health is important and […]