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General & Cosmetic Dentistry   •   April 19, 2018

These are the 6 Measures You Must Follow After Your Implant Surgery

It is necessary to make changes in your routine and keep a few things in mind once you get a dental implant surgery done. It takes time for the surgical site to heal, therefore, you must avoid certain foods and keep your mouth clean during that time. Maintaining a dental hygiene is definitely essential in […]

General & Cosmetic Dentistry   •   July 11, 2017

Customer Service and Cosmetic Dentistry: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Running a dental practice is more than just providing quality treatments to patients. It also includes excellent customer service that helps a Fort Worth dental practice standout in a field of fierce competitors. Cosmetic dentistry is about enhancing or restoring a patient’s smile. Customer service is also essential in painting a smile on every patient’s […]

General & Cosmetic Dentistry   •   May 29, 2017

C is for Cosmetic Dentistry: The Key to a Healthy Senior Smile

As we get older, our smile is at risk of fading due to the natural aging process. It chips away at our teeth little by little, depriving them of their original luster and glamour. However, just because you’re joining the ranks of senior citizens, does not mean that you’re destined to a life of chipped, […]