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Cavity Fighting LiquidGetting a dental treatment is a scary option, especially for children. The rumor mill goes around that getting your cavities drilled and filled is extremely painful and generally makes children averse to the concept of visiting the dentist. Cavity fighting liquid presents the dental community with an effective solution.

Technically, cavity fighting liquid is a simple solution of silver diamine fluoride. It is most commonly used in adults to relieve the pain. Latest developments in the field of dentistry have revealed that it is also very effective in treating and preventing cavities. Being simply applied with no need for drills and fillings, it is a positively painless experience and thus very effective in treating children.

Drills can be terrifying

Most children and teenagers are prone to developing cavities. This is normal and usually treated by the dentist with root canal therapy and fillings. However, it requires the use of a cleaning drill which is used to pave the way through the teeth all the way to the roots. The path is then disinfected and filled with special fillings to help restore the tooth to proper functioning.
This is a painful treatment experience and more often than not, anesthetic is needed to help deal with it. The anesthetic is delivered via an injection to the gums. Depending on the extent of the treatment and the patient’s tolerance for pain, the dentist uses anything from a local anesthetic to a high intensity general anesthesia.

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Affordable option for children and adults

Cavity fighting liquid helps the patient avoid drills and fillings when dealing with cavities. It is also the more affordable option and does not require anesthesia. The average expense when going for a root canal therapy with fillings is about $150 and cannot be afforded by most of the general public. Silver diamine fluoride is more commonly available and can be used for cavities at just $30 at an average.

The one fifth cost drop makes it the ideal candidate for treating cavities. It is typically used in adults to relieve pain and is FDA approved for that purpose. It is a recent trend to use it to treat cavities in children. About 18 dental schools all over the country are involved in adopting this treatment as a viable option to treat cavities and are teaching their students to use.
Right now, there are several clinics that have resorted to this method to treat their patients. Initially it was only used to relieve pain in adults. Now it has been more common for cavity treatment. While it is aesthetically inefficient as it can turn the tooth black, it helps protect the teeth against cavities.

Why it is the best option for children?

Cavity teethChildren are most prone to developing cavities. While they may be only on baby teeth, it is still a painful experience as well as an expensive option to drill through baby teeth and use fillings when it is easier to treat it with Cavity fighting liquid. Even if it leaves a black spot on the cavity, aesthetics are really not a problem for baby teeth which will fall out anyway.

Cavities are most common in back teeth where the recesses are harder to clean out with conventional brushing and flossing at home. They also cannot be seen readily which makes using cavity fighting liquid a more sensible option even if it leaves a black spot. It is quickly emerging as the ideal solution to cavity treatment all over the United States and hopefully, it will soon be the same all over the world.

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