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Why Do We Need Braces?

Your teeth can be crooked, spaced out, or crowded due to lack of space. All these conditions can be easily dealt with using dental braces. There are a lot of problems associated with each of these conditions and it is recommended not to leave the condition untreated, as the conditions tend to worsen over time. If it turns severe, surgery may be the only option left to fix it. The orthodontist at Affordable Dentist Near Me in Crowley can treat your condition using dental braces.

The general theory goes that braces make you look unattractive. While it might be true in some cases, the result of the treatment will benefit you in the long run. You have to compromise on aesthetics for a period of time while the braces adjust your teeth arches back into shape.

Treatment With Braces

Dental Braces


Braces are little metal paraphernalia that are affixed to your teeth using a specialized dental adhesive. They are connected to each other using specially designed arch wires which will help apply a calculated amount of pressure to the braces and subsequently your teeth. The objective is to push the teeth little by little until the entire arch is back in its proper shape.

This process takes a long amount of time, possible 6 to 30 months, during which you are advised to have regular sessions with your dental care professional. That will help your orthodontist keep a vigilant eye on your progress and make minor adjustments when it becomes necessary. If your teeth aren’t affected too much because of the displacements, your dentist can also recommend clear aligners which are the more aesthetic choice as they appear invisible at first glance. But they are not sturdy enough for the more serious cases and can be custom designed for your teeth.

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