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About Dental Bridges

If your teeth arch has missing teeth, it can be easily remedied using dental bridges. They are false teeth that can be affixed to implants or existing teeth in order to fill that gap. Your dentist at Affordable Dentist Near Me in Crowley can customize them to appear and function like normal teeth so you won’t even feel the difference.

Why do You Need Dental Bridges?

Unlike dentures, bridges are permanently fixed to your teeth. They will need abutments or anchor teeth around the gap to help support the bridge and keep it in place. If the gaps remain, you will be left with problems like an uneven bite, develop TMJ disorder on account of imbalanced chewing. You can also develop gum disease from infections in pockets left by missing teeth.

Dental Bridges

Your dental bridges will be custom fabricated to appear like natural teeth and this takes several days to complete. You will be provided with a temporary bridge to protect the area in the meantime. The final bridge is cemented on to the anchor teeth, or attached to implants if you have them. You must take care of your bridges and make sure to avoid hard foods, brush and floss regularly, and come in for checkups with us in order to properly monitor your dental health.

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