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Dental Financing Crowley, Texas

Dr. Mike Pham, DDS.

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Dental Financing

You can now get treated with our high quality dental care services at affordable rates. Affordable Dentist Near Me in Crowley brings you quality dental financing that is backed by American HealthCare Lending. Our premium services are now available to you with special credit offers that range from $4000 to $100,000 at interests of 7% to 20%. Our payment plans are made available in simple interest installment loan packages to make your treatment affordable.

Dental Financing

Our premium services are listed as follows:

  • Free Laser Whitening: This is the most effective method of whitening your enamel. Valued at $400 it comes with free exams and x-rays for your benefit. This is performed in a single session and the free option is reserved strictly for our PPO and Cash only patients.
  • Free Whitening Pen: Comes with a price tag of $49 and is does not need exams or x-rays. It is the best alternative if you’re looking for an affordable option.
  • Affordable Discount Plan: Available at only $9.95 a month, including free exams and x rays, you can save up to 60% on your treatment expenses.
  • ProCare™ Dentures: It is our premium dentures package and you get it at affordable rates using our premium dental financing plans.

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