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About Dental Sealants

The most effective mode of treatment for cavities is with dental sealants and can protect your teeth from harm for the next ten years. Affordable Dentist Near Me in Crowley can get you outfitted with the best quality sealants to effectively prevent bacterial deposits in the recesses of your teeth that are harder to reach by brushing or flossing.

Teenagers and children are most prone to developing cavities in their teeth and dental sealants are the best mode of treatment for them. Sealants are made of plastic and tempered to imitate the chewing surface of your teeth. It is most commonly used for the back teeth whose recesses are harder to clean with conventional methods.


The sealant treatment happens in 4 simple steps:

  1. Your teeth are first professionally cleaned and then dried by placing cotton in the mouth.
  2. The teeth are roughened using an acid solution which also helps the sealant bond with the natural tooth.
  3. The teeth are then rinsed and dried again.
  4. The sealant is finally painted on the chewing surfaces of your teeth.

Sealants cannot be applied if your tooth has been facing decay. It is also not viable if you have been outfitted with fillings. They can get worn and chipped over time so it is advisable to go for regular checkups with the dentist as often as you can. If it has been damaged, you can get it replaced at the office itself within a single session.

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