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About Invisalign

Welcome to Affordable Dentist Near Me – Crowley. We are experienced professionals in all phases of general and cosmetic dentistry. If you have crooked and misaligned teeth we can fix you up with Invisalign aligners to help you restore your dental health to normal. They are a more aesthetic option as they do not involve the use of metal brackets and wires like braces. Invisalign makes use of aligner trays that are designed to gently position your teeth by wearing them over time. Being transparent, they are technically invisible and thus are a more aesthetic choice.

InvisalignTreatments with Invisalign aligners

There are five conditions involving misaligned teeth that can be easily treated with Invisalign aligners. You can consult our dental care professional to customize your aligner tray to meet the specifications of your dental condition. Typically the cases that involve Invisalign treatment include:

  • Under bite: This is a condition where your upper teeth close behind your lower teeth when biting down. This can lead to the development of conditions like cavities, tooth decay, and TMJ disorders.
  • Overbite: This happens when the upper teeth close over the lower teeth during biting. It is also a typical genetic condition and leads to tooth decay and TMJ disorders.
  • Cross bite: This is when the bite is uneven with part of your upper teeth biting over the lower teeth and the others biting straight or under.
  • Gapped teeth: This is a condition where the teeth of either arch are spaced out and creates gaps between the teeth. It is typically caused due to larger jaw bones and missing teeth that have caused the teeth to shift.

Crowded teeth: This is when the teeth are crowded together due to lack of room in the jaw bone. It can cause impacted teeth and also damage the underlying jaw bone.

Why Invisalign is your safest bet?

The Invisalign treatment makes use of aligner trays to gently shift the misaligned teeth into place. The treatment is designed to last a couple of weeks. In case the misalignment is severe, the treatment is conducted in multiple stages. Impressions are taken of your teeth and multiple aligners are fabricated for each stage of the treatment until the arch is restored to normal.

Consult with our expert dentists at Affordable Dentist Near Me – Crowley for more details Invisalign aligners or you can reach our office at 682-730-5140 to schedule an appointment.