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Cosmetic Dentistry in Fort Worth

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Exceptional Cosmetic Dentistry in Fort Worth

At Affordable Dentist Near Me, we offer comprehensive cosmetic and preventive dentistry options designed to promote complete oral health and a gorgeous smile. Located in the renowned Mead brook area, our office is a modern, state-of-the-art facility designed with your supreme comfort and convenience in mind.


About Cosmetic Dentistry

Affordable Dentist Near Me in Fort Worth offers you cosmetic dentistry for patients throughout Fort Worth. With experienced cosmetic dentists, we’ll make it possible for our patients to have the beautiful smile they have always desired using entirely modern dental techniques. The cosmetic dentists at our clinics are committed to patient care of the highest quality and ensure that patients are comfortable throughout the duration of the procedures and delighted with the results. This makes us the choice provider for patients all over Texas.

Cosmetic Dentistry Fort Worth

Professionals in cosmetic dentistry spend time to pay considerable attention to each patient and the goals that they have for their smile. This often involves correcting a problem with the appearance of a particular tooth or teeth. Thanks to modern techniques in dentistry, we can help patients throughout Fort Worth, TX in accomplishing these goals in a way that is painless while producing dramatic results. Gone are the days where people have to accept a smile they dislike or are embarrassed to show off. Even people with severe stains, misaligned, damaged teeth, and gaps can discover for themselves the stunning transformations available with treatments that fall under.

A new study shows that a great smile can you make you 20% more attractive and people with beautiful smiles make, on average, 12% more money each year.

We work patients of all ages and commonly hear that older patients feel like it is too late to improve on their smile. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Seniors area frequently call on our services and are delighted when they find that there are several ways to restore their damaged teeth and replace missing ones. While, previously, there may have been very few options available for replacing missing teeth, cosmetic dentistry has opened up possibilities to a permanent solution that is durable and natural looking. To find out what procedures will work best for you, call 817-496-2343 and schedule a consultation.

The Truth About Cosmetic Dentistry

The word “cosmetic” incites the belief that cosmetic dentists only treats people that are looking for a Hollywood smile. Our Cosmetic dentistry deals with a lot more than simply creating stunning looks. It is true that most Hollywood stars have used cosmetic dentistry to reinvent their smiles, but these procedures accomplish far more than that.

Hollywood Smile

Beyond basic cosmetic procedures which serve to change a persons’ appearance, cosmetic dental procedures can restore the functionality of teeth as well as the self confidence to flash a smile. The American Dental Association reports that the majority of adults that damage their teeth claim that it happened while playing sports, meaning that anyone can have a tooth break or chip at any time in spite of attempts to be careful. Car wrecks, slip and fall accidents, and workplace injuries are additional causes of teeth damage and when they happen, it is important to visit a dentist that understands how to restore teeth in a natural way.

According to the American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry, the top cosmetic dental treatments are:

Teeth Whitening — Teeth whitening is the most common cosmetic dental procedure for lightening (bleaching) teeth.

Dental Bonding — Dental bonding is an option for fixing a broken tooth, chipped tooth or cracked teeth.

Dental Implants — Dental implants are considered by some to be more attractive than dentures for replacing missing teeth.

Dental Veneers — Veneers are thin, custom-made shells designed for closing gaps or disguising stained teeth that don’t respond well to whitening treatments.

In-Office Teeth Whitening Fort Worth

Affordable Dentist Near Me  has a reputation for completing restorations in a way that makes teeth appear so natural, no one can tell there was ever anything wrong with them. This is the sign of a talented cosmetic dentist. When no one knows that you were there – you did an excellent job. Our staff  have earned this reputation for excellence, leading people to schedule appointments after damaging their teeth. This can be a lifesaver for people that want to live an active lifestyle and maintain the appearance they had prior to the accident. We do, however, recommend that if you damaged your tooth, you call 817-496-2343 to schedule an appointment right away. The faster you can come into our dental office, the more options you will have for restoring the damaged tooth. This is especially true if you had a tooth fall out and are trying to save it.

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How to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist:

Don’t let cosmetic dental prices guide your choice in a dentist because cheaper isn’t necessarily better. Be sure to look at a cosmetic dentist’s book of “before and after” photos; inquire about his or her participation in continuing education courses; and ask for references.

Preventative Care

Cosmetic dentistry has also improved preventative care and how people are treated overall. In the past, old fashioned metal tools were used for everything. Now, as a cosmetic dentists, we look for ways to improve the patient experience and leverage technology in order to do so. Some new techniques involve using a laser while dentists keep patients comfortable and relaxed through sedation. We treat our patients with compassion and care. By identifying ways to improve the experience of every patient, our staff continue to make visiting the dentist easier and more enjoyable. From painless teeth cleanings to performing major dental work in comfort, we make our patients our top priority.

As an experienced dentists,understands that when patients have healthy teeth, their teeth will be less likely to become damaged or to fall out. With over seventy percent of U.S. adults experiencing some form of tooth loss, preventative care is that much more important. We recommend that patients throughout Texas schedule an appointment with our local Fort Worth office to have their teeth cleaned at least twice a year. During these regular appointments, we can remove surface stains, bacteria, and plaque that like to hide in hard to reach places. We can also look for signs of gum disease and cavities so that if any are present, they can be treated right away. Keeping teeth healthy is important because healthy teeth are strong teeth, and strong teeth are at less of a risk for falling out.

Dental Bonding Fort Worth

The second most common disease in the United States is cavities. The first is the common cold. Ask us about esthetic filling options.

While cosmetic dentistry is typically viewed as a way to create a beautiful and perfect smile, taking the time to focus on preventative care is something that we are passionate about. Cosmetic Dentists at Affordable Dentist Near Me takes the time to educate patients about what they can do at home to stay in good oral health and as a result, we are able to reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease in patients . Sometimes, taking these few extra minutes can make a positive impact on our patients’ oral health, and that is something that excites us.

If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Fort Worth TX, schedule an appointment to visit our dental clinic. You will be delighted with the level of patient care that you receive along with the stunning results. You can schedule an appointment by calling at 817-496-2343.

Cosmetic Dental FAQ

Q: I don’t like my teeth or my smile – what can I do?

A wide variety of options are available to improve tooth function and how your smile looks. Ask us about what options are available.

Q: How much does it cost to get a great smile?

Like most services, cost varies based on the amount of time required and the difficulty of the procedure(s). Generally, improving a smile requires a combination of treatment options such as bleaching, reshaping gums, and using bonded materials (resin or porcelain) to improve the appearance of the teeth. A great way to start is by having a consultation with our dentist to determine how you can reach your goals.

Q: I have dental insurance. Will it pay for my new smile?

Most dental insurance has very low total benefits per year, which may offset the cost for regular checkups, but probably won’t pay toward cosmetic services. We will work to maximize your benefits, and may have suggestions for alternative methods of financing so you can obtain the treatment of choice. Learn more about dental insurance and financing.

Q: What are some benefits of cosmetic dentistry?

A great smile should improve your self-confidence, which can have a positive impact on the social and professional aspects of your life. Cosmetic dentistry is not just about pretty smiles though. New techniques and materials are available for back teeth as well as those seen when you smile.

Q: How many office visits will it take to fix my teeth and improve my smile?

This varies with each individual, depending on the need. Sometimes, you can dramatically improve your oral health and appearance in just a couple of visits. Discuss your goals and concerns, so the best plan can be developed for your individual situation. If you start today, a new smile can be yours sooner than you think.

Q: What will my new smile look like?

Our dentist will work with you in choosing the right look for you. A smile enhancement can be made to look both dramatic and natural. We can use photographs (in a process called cosmetic imaging) and models to show you what to expect. Sometimes, trial materials can be placed directly on your teeth to help you visualize the change.

Q: Is my new smile permanent?

With good home care and regular visits, modern materials can last for many years, and possibly decades. Like most things, excellent maintenance will extend the life of your dental restorations.

Tetracycline (antibiotic) staining, excessive fluoride and old fillings are just a few reasons why teeth appear dark.

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