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About Dental Braces

Welcome to Affordable Dentist Near Me – Fort Worth. We are experienced specialists in all phases of general and cosmetic dentistry. If you have a condition where your teeth are misaligned and crooked or have become crowded due to lack of space, it can be easily rectified using dental braces. An entirely cosmetic treatment, our skilled dental care professionals can fix you up with the best quality dental braces for your benefit. You can recover your beautiful smile in 6 months to a year.

Braces are essentially metal structures that are affixed to your teeth using a specially made adhesive. They are then interconnected with a wire that is used to regulate the spacing of your teeth. It is adjusted at regular intervals at your dentist’s till your teeth are back in proper alignment.

Preparing for Braces Treatment

dental braces fort worth

The first step in the process is to thoroughly clean the teeth. This is to make sure that the braces stick to the teeth properly. They dentist will also closely examine your dental condition and treat any other problems that you might have before installing braces. The objective here is to fix the alignment of your teeth and if one or two have cavities or are facing tooth decay, then that problem will be treated first. If your gums are showing signs of disease, then it needs to be treated before fixing you up with braces.

Essentially there are different types of braces that your dental care professional can recommend.

  • Metal braces are the most common type and also the most effective. They are not, however, the most aesthetic solution.
  • Lingual Braces are bonded to back of the teeth and are not viable for severe cases. Since they are not fixed in the front, it does not look awkward.
  • Invisalign is a new cosmetic solution but does not work well with severe cases. It can also get stained unless taken care of properly.

What to expect during the treatment?

When newly applied, some discomfort is normal. The first week can also give you some mouth sores and the odd tinge of pain. If the pain becomes too intense or is continuous for extended periods of time, you should immediately consult with your dental care professional. The sensitivity is expected to go away after a few days.

Taking care of your braces is essential during treatment. There are special toothbrushes that are specially designed to work around the braces. You are advised to brush twice a day for best results. You should take care to brush softly lest the wires get dislodged. Flossing with super-floss is a better option than going for traditional flossing. Maintain your diet properly and conduct a good oral hygienic routine to help you keep treatment at optimum levels.


Dental Financing Information

The cost of your orthodontic treatment or dental braces may vary depending on your individual needs and treatment plan. Our experts will discuss with you the cost of your treatment, and each of your available payment plan options, so you are able to make the best choice for you and your smile.

Affordable Dentist Near Me will work with you to create a payment plan that fits your budget, and you will know what to expect before beginning treatment.

Affordable Payment Plans

Your smile is our first priority, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to receive the best orthodontic care whenever you need it.

** Our practice accepts most major credit cards and insurance plans. **

Our dental plans for braces cost activate the day you register so you can begin receiving dental treatment the next day. The plans are affordable, and begin at $129 per year for individuals, and $199 per year for families. Click here to know more about our dental plans for braces.

Visit Affordable Dentist Near Me in Fort Worth or call us at 817-496-2343 to book a consultation with our expert dental care professionals.

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