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About Dental Sealants

Welcome to Affordable Dentist Near Me – Fort Worth. We are specialists in all phases of General and Cosmetic Dentistry. If you have lesions and fissures forming in your teeth, you can effectively help avoid the affected teeth from developing into cavities. This is done using a popular preventive treatment that involves the use of dental sealants. We have expert dental care professionals who can help get you fixed with quality sealant treatment.

Sealants are technically a specially designed layer of plastic that is spread over the affected teeth to prevent the sensitive parts from coming in contact with contaminants and food particles. This is most commonly used in children and teenagers who are most prone to cavities, but is also a viable method of treatment in adults.

Why are Sealants a Better Option?

Dental SealantsMolars are the primary chewing teeth and can develop narrow fissures with regular use. This makes a breeding ground for bacteria and with continuous plaque deposits it can lead to cavities. These fissures are hard to clean out with the bristles of the toothbrush and hence needs to be protected using an external agent like sealants.

Dental sealants are usually spread over the chewing surface of a primary molar that handles all the chewing responsibilities. This coating protects the fissured tooth from coming in contact with food particles and helping bacteria accumulate. Since this affects children mostly, implants and bridges are expensive options as the baby teeth will eventually fall and implant treatments will negatively affect proper teeth growth.

The Dental Sealant Treatment

The dental sealant application is a simple process. It takes little more than few minutes for your dentist to apply the sealant and seal off each tooth. The application steps are as follows:

  • The first step is to get the teeth that are to be sealed thoroughly cleaned.
  • Each tooth is then carefully dried. Cotton or another absorbent material is then used to keep it dry.
  • An acid solution is applied on the chewing surfaces to roughen up the teeth so that the sealant can bond with the teeth.
  • The teeth are then rinsed and dried once more with cotton.
  • The dental sealant coating is then painted onto the tooth enamel where it hardens.
  • Sometimes a special curing light is used to help the sealant harden.

While this treatment is best used for children and teenagers who are most prone to cavities, it can be used to treat adults too. You can get in touch with our expert dentists at Affordable Dentist Near Me – Fort Worth to get a recommendation of which treatment would be applicable to you. You can reach us at [number] or visit our center in Fort Worth to schedule an appointment.


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