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Sedation Dentistry Fort Worth, Texas

About Sedation Dentistry

Welcome to Affordable Dentist Near Me – Fort Worth. We offer our premium dentistry services at affordable rates for all residents in Fort Worth. Dental treatment anxiety is common and affects both children and adults. The fear is mainly due to the pain you come to expect from the treatment. We make sure our patients have a positive experience with us by catering to them our dental treatment services using sedation dentistry.

We have implemented the latest technologies in our treatment methods with anesthetics to ensure that our treatments are entirely painless. The dosage depends on your medical history which is why we advise you to bring us your medical history so we can properly monitor your health while under sedation. We have expert dentists at our center to provide you with high quality dental treatments.

Treatment with sedation dentistry

Sedation DentistryDepending on your medical history, and your level of anxiety toward dental treatments, we offer you four levels of sedation dentistry for a safe treatment experience.

  1. Minimal Sedation:  This is for basic pain relief during dental treatment procedures. We make use of nitrous oxide and oral medications to help alleviate any pain you might feel during the treatment. Patients are generally relaxed, but awake during the treatment.
  2. Conscious sedation: We increase the amount of anesthetic used so the sedation is increased, but the patient is still conscious. Some patients also tend to fall asleep during this treatment.
  3.  IV Sedation: This is deep sedation and the anesthetic is delivered intravenously. The patient is asleep during the procedure but can be awakened at a moment’s notice by the nurse or dentist.
  4.  General Anesthesia: This is the most intense sedation that is available for dental treatments and we use this for patients who are positively terrified of dental treatments. The patient is completely asleep during the process and does not recall anything about the treatment and cannot be woken until the effect has worn. We use this method for surgical treatments as well.

We make sure that we do a complete review of your medical history, an EKG, and other necessary lab tests. This is necessary as we will be administering medications and anesthesia. We have certified professionals to administer the sedation so you can rest easy that the treatment will be an easy one. After your procedure with sedation, you will be placed in a recovery room until and monitor your vital signs and make sure that you are stable before you are ready to head home.

Painless experience with Sedation Dentistry

At Affordable Dentist Near Me – Fort Worth, we will take the time to get to know your medical history and conduct tests before making a formal recommendation as to the type of sedation dentistry that you should consider. This will also alert us to any other health issues, risks, and allergies. Generally, if you have responded well to pain medication or sedation in other medical treatments, you will do well with sedation dentistry and not experience any negative side effects.

Keep your dental health in check with our expert dentists. Visit our center in Fort Worth or call 817-496-2343 to schedule an appointment.