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About Teeth Whitening

Transform your appearance with proper teeth whitening at Affordable Dentist Near Me – Fort Worth. We are known for improving the appearance of our patients’ smiles. Our expert dentists can recommend laser teeth whitening or teeth bleaching procedures because they are by far the most effective ways. The first step is to clean your teeth professionally and then apply the teeth whitening routine.

People throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area in Texas have their teeth whitened on a regular basis so that they can look and feel great. Aging can often cause teeth to become dull and yellow. Drinking beverages like coffee, tea and wine, for example, can stain your teeth. Habits like smoking and eating foods with artificial food coloring can also stain your teeth. Brushing immediately after eating and drinking can help to prevent stains but is often not enough to remove the risk entirely.

Teeth Whitening

The Professional’s Forte

The expert dentists at Affordable Dentist Near Me, we provide patients with information on four main types of dental whitening. An in-office treatment can be done at the same time as a teeth cleaning or during a separate appointment. It is typically completed within an hour and produces immediately white teeth. For many people, this is an ideal solution because of how quickly it is finished.

In our dental office, we also recommend teeth whitening trays. This type of procedure is effective and puts patients in control over how white their teeth become and how often they are whitened. You start by having an impression taken of your teeth. This impression is then used to create customized whitening trays in a dental lab. They fit securely around teeth and will not leak solution into the mouth. This is an ideal way for patients throughout Texas to whiten teeth because they can be used at any time. Patients are provided with a whitening solution to use at home, and the trays need to be worn for a couple of hours every night for a week or more.

Once teeth have reached the perfect shade of white, a patient can stop wearing the trays. This portable solution can be taken anywhere, making it possible for people to whiten teeth while on vacation, business trips or after moving to a new city.

Laser Whitening and ZOOM! Teeth Whitening

You can also avail our premium whitening services – Laser Whitening and ZOOM! Whitening. You can avail Laser whitening for free if you are a PPO or a cash paying patient. This treatment is the most effective of the lot and can be performed in a single session that lasts no more than a couple of hours.

ZOOM! Teeth whitening have recently become popular thanks to the effectiveness of the gel used in the process. This is also performed in a single session and you can control the whitening to be at the shade you want. Typically, there are six to 12 shades possible for your teeth.ZOOM! Teeth Whitening

If your discoloration occurs because of reasons like periodontal disease, tooth decay, or receding gums, your dental care professional will treat that condition first before attempting the whitening process. Contact our office in Fort Worth at 817-496-2343 to Schedule an appointment with the experts at Affordable Dentist Near Me treat your dental condition.