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About TMJ

TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint is a small joint located where the jaw meets the skull. It is mainly responsible for all your jaw movements. Now, with a misaligned bite and problems with your teeth structure or bone, you can develop disorders with this joint. It can be fixed with surgical procedures in the more severe cases, and with simple exercises and teeth alignment treatments that are not as invasive and can be performed at home. Consult our expert professionals at Affordable Dentist Near Me – Fort Worth to treat your TMJ problem.

Symptoms of TMJ disorder

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These are the telltale signs of a TMJ disorder:

  • You can feel your jaw making a popping sound when you open and close it.
  • There’s a small but noticeable click when you yawn or chew.
  • You are prone to grinding your teeth, especially at night.
  • Grinding your teeth has led to severe toothaches.
  • You can’t open or close your mouth without experiencing pain.
  • The pain is also felt in your TMJ which is adjacent to your ear.

Headaches and neck pain from pinched nerves which are usually a result of ligament and muscle strain originating from your TMJ.

Causes of TMJ disorder

You can develop TMJ disorders from a wide variety of sources. The most usual cases involve grinding your teeth, and misaligned teeth arches. Misaligned teeth make your bite imperfect. This causes your mouth to close at varying angles disrupting the orientation of your TMJ which is designed to move in all directions.

Direct injuries to your TMJ can also jumpstart the disorder. It is commonplace in most contact sports and wearing a mouth guard can help avoid a more serious injury. Grinding your jaw is also a direct cause of TMJ disorder and this one is more difficult to avoid. There are times, especially when asleep, that you might be grinding your teeth without noticing it. It takes a lot of conscious effort to avoid it and while asleep, wearing a guard will help keep your teeth from grinding.

The TMJ Treatment

If your jaw is severely dislocated, the only course of treatment that can ensure that your jaw returns to full working condition is through surgery. A simple orthopedic treatment can set your TMJ in place and make sure that your jaw placement aligns perfectly with your bite. We have qualified professionals at our center to help with all your TMJ treatments, surgical or otherwise.

For less invasive options, your dentist will assign you some exercises that you can perform at home which will reduce the tension on your ligaments and muscles and help set your TMJ in its proper working condition. If it is caused by misaligned teeth, your dental care professional will first fix your bite with therapy and fix you with a mouth guard which you will wear to sleep. The guard is to help avoid your teeth grinding.

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