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Root Canal Therapy Grand Prairie, Texas

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy Grand Prairie, TX

A root canal therapy is one of the proven methods used to restore a tooth that is infected or abscessed. Removing the infected nerve, it is then replaced with medication to get rid of the infection. The canal is then filled in which weakens the tooth, and is covered by a crown.

Having A Root Canal

The dentist will use a local anesthetic for the treatment so you don’t feel pain and the process is a comfortable experience for you. After you are numbed, the dentist drills into your tooth to make a hole into the canal that holds the infected root and gets it cleaned out to be rid of all infection. Medication is then placed in the canal to be sure that no infection remains.

The dentist then fills up the canal with a material called Gutta-Percah which is a rubber-like substance that is FDA approved for dental procedures.

The area is filled with tiny cotton pellets and subsequently covered with a temporary crown. The temporary crown stays in place till a permanent crown is created exclusively for you. The process takes over 2 or 3 weeks which also gives the tooth ample time to heal.

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