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What is Tmj

The Temporomandibular Joint or TMJ is a small joint that is located ahead of your ear. It connects the lower jaw to your skull and is responsible for allowing your jaw to move. It is a normal occurrence to develop problems with this joint over the course of time.

Common Symptoms Of Tmj Disorder

TMJ disorder can be identified using the following symptoms.

  • Opening and closing causes your jaw to pop
  • Your jaw makes small clicks when you are chewing and yawning
  • When you sleep, you tend to grind your teeth
  • Grinding your teeth causes intense toothaches
  • You cannot open your mouth widely without pain
  • You have pain in your TMJ which can be frequent or irregular, dull or sharp
  • You have headaches that are caused by ligament and muscle strain
  • You have ligament and muscle strain that causes you neck pain and pinched nerves

What Causes Tmj Disorder?

TMJ Dentist in grand prairie

TMJ disorder doesn’t have one clear cause. However, there are many who believe that symptoms begin with issues from the muscles of the jaw or within the joint itself.

Of course, this means that there can be many actual causes for the disorder, including:

  • Injuries directly to the jaw, TMJ, or muscles in the neck can cause the onset of TMJ disorder.
  • The pressure from grinding and clenching teeth, especially over a long period of time, can cause serious issues.
  • Significant stress can cause an individual to tighten their facial muscles or clench their teeth, causing TMJ disorder to develop.
  • Certain illnesses, particularly osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, can cause TMJ disorder as well.
Meet Our Expert

Tmj Treatments

The experts at Affordable Dentist Near Me will recommend you treatments for TMJ disorders which include the following processes:

Jaw Exercises: There are jaw exercises which you can practice at home in front of a mirror. These will be taught to you by our dentists and will help in relaxing your jaw and help prevent clenching.

Mouth Guards: A mouth guard can help re-align your jaw and prevent you from grinding your teeth unconsciously. We have a wide range of materials you can choose from to customize your mouth guard.

Bite Therapy: The dentist will recommend that you undertake bite therapy at the office and make use of specialized tools that measure bite pressure, re-adjust alignment, and provide pain relief.

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