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Dr. Mike Pham, DDS.

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About Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you looking to change and improve the way your teeth look? Come in for an appointment with an expert cosmetic dentist at Affordable Dentist Near Me in Waco today. We have the latest technologies that will ensure that our procedures will meet with increased rates of success.

Our cosmetic treatments involve teeth whitening, restoration, root canal therapy, artificial crowns, braces, and professional tooth cleaning. A full cosmetic overhaul will change your outlook on life and you can flash your beautiful smile with confidence.


Latest techs for all services


We have implemented the latest technologies for each of our offered services. Our well equipped laboratory at our center in Waco will help you get all your tests and treatments done at a single location. Upgraded techs will help you get the best care at affordable rates for whichever treatment applies to you. A comprehensive list of our cosmetic dentistry services can be found below:

  • Teeth cleaning: Get your teeth cleaning done professionally and help remove the harder-to-clean plaque and tarter deposits from your teeth.
  • Teeth Whitening: Return your stained and discolored teeth to its proper white shade.
  • Braces: Have your crooked and misaligned teeth fixed the proper way with the latest equipments.
  • Aligners: Customize your aligners so you can treat your teeth on the go.
  • Fillings: Restore your teeth to normal functioning with proper dental fillings.
  • Crowns: Get artificial crowns for your damaged and decayed teeth.
  • Bridges: If you have missing teeth, bridges can help replace them and make them feel like normal teeth.

Change the appearance of your smile so that it looks attractive with cosmetic dentistry. Head to our nearest center for a consultation with our expert cosmetic dentists in Waco today and we’ll help you restore your beautiful smile.

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