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Dental Financing Waco, Texas

About Dental Financing

Proper dental care is expensive and often too much for the general populace. Affordable Dentist Near Me Waco helps you out with proper dental financing using American HealthCare Lending. You can use it to avail our premium services at the best prices. There are a lot of lucrative credits available and you can borrow up to $100,000 for up to 84 months with interest rates ranging from 7% to 20% depending on your package.

Dental FinancingOur premium services include:

  • Free Laser Whitening: This has a regular value of $400. It involves a complete cleaning exam followed by the necessary x-rays to help the dentist properly diagnose your condition. It can be performed in one sitting and is the best method of treating discolored teeth. The Free Treatment is reserved for PPO and Cash patients only.
  • Free Whitening Pen: This has a regular value of $49 and does not require any examinations or X-rays. This is a suitable alternative that can help you whiten your teeth affordably.
  • Affordable discount plan: This helps you save about 30% to 60% off your dental service. For your benefit, this plan is available at $9.95 only per month and includes free exam and x-rays with no annual limit.
  • ProCare™ Dentures: Our premium dentures are now affordable for your benefit at affordable rates and also eligible for our special payment plans.

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