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Tooth Extraction Services Waco, Texas

Tooth Extraction Services

If you are need of tooth extraction, Affordable Dentist Near Me Waco can help you out. You need a tooth extraction if you are facing dental problems such as –

  • Tooth that has decayed too much to fix
  • Tooth that is infected and the infection has destroyed the tooth or the bone surrounding it
  • Crowded teeth that need to be fixed with the help of braces.
  • A tooth that is trying to come up but cannot because it is impacted. If your tooth comes partially up but doesn’t have room to finish the process, the opening in your gum can get full of bacteria, causing an infection that hurts your jawbone, gums, and nearby teeth.

Tooth ExtractionThe Tooth Extraction Procedure

The process begins with the dentist checking your medical history and taking the necessary x-rays to identify the tooth effectively. The next step is to determine the size, shape, length, and position of the tooth and also to study how that tooth affects the surrounding teeth. In some cases, x-rays will show that a tooth will be very difficult to remove. If this happens, the dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon for the procedure.

If everything looks good, the dentist will be able to remove your tooth or wisdom teeth in the office with some local anesthetic. The affected area is numbed using a local anesthetic and the tooth is extracted using a pair of dental forceps. Once removed, the dentist will work on making the underlying bone smooth and stitch up the empty gum space if any.

A sterile piece of cotton gauze is used to staunch the bleeding and help with the clotting. Once clotted, your session is complete. You must effectively recover from the procedure by following some basic healthy rules such as –

  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid vigorous rinsing
  • Avoid using a toothbrush near the wound
  • Avoid flossing teeth near the wound
  • Avoid drinking hot fluids
  • Avoid drinking using a straw
  • Avoid engaging in strenuous exercise or activity

If your pain last longer than a few days, or is severe, or is accompanied by a fever, call your dentist right away. Although you cannot brush or floss, it is important to keep the area clean to prevent infection. To clean your mouth after a tooth extraction, rinse with warm salt water.

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