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Tooth Decay Fort WorthBefore now, the only method of proper tooth decay and cavity treatments implied a painful experience that involved drills and artificial filling. Modern research demonstrates that these techniques are now technically out of date. The latest procedure doing the rounds in the dental communities involve healing the teeth through natural repair. This is performed using Electrically Accelerated and Electrical Remineralisation (EAER). This treatment is supported by Medicaid to make it affordable to the general public as well.

The Existing Methods

The only mode of treatment for cavities and tooth decay used to be strictly artificial methods. The treatment involved drilling through the cavity all the way to the roots. They clean out possible infections and fill up the gap using specialized fillings. This is repair and more often than not does not stick forever. Replacements and re-repairs need to be made which does not make these treatments viable.

Teeth have a mineral cycle which enables them to regenerate and recover over time. However, fillings and artificial treatments prevent the enamel from recovering properly. In turn, this leads to further problems finally forcing the affected tooth to be replaced completely.

The EAER Treatment

EAER TreatmentThe new Electrically Accelerated and Electrical Remineralisation technique makes use of artificially injecting the requisite minerals into the enamel. This is targeted specifically to promote enamel growth and calcium content in a specified area. An electrical probe is used to properly clean out the entire cavity without affecting the pulp chamber and dentin which are typically alive until the drill treatment would kill it. The EAER treatment makes sure that the tooth is still alive during the treatment so it can recover naturally.

This new technique focuses on accelerating the natural growth process so that the calcium and phosphate minerals enter the tooth is increased significantly. Typically this process would have taken months to happen and to recover the complete tooth would technically take years. The constant use of the teeth does not help as bacteria and contaminants assault the areas on a regular basis. The new treatment makes sure that the mineral intake is accelerated to help the tooth recover in a matter of weeks even with regular use.

Choose the natural way

Natural repair is the best way to ensure that all dental health problems are solved to complete recovery and not involve basic repair that will come undone in a couple of years. The EAER treatment will revolutionize dentistry and people will get better dental treatments than ever. The treatment can be a little expensive but is supported by Medicaid. This is a worthwhile venture to cater to the public and ensure that people get healed of all their dental health issues naturally and affordably.

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