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Reduce your Chances of Dental Infections with Proper Endodontic Treatment
August 12, 2016  |  Cosmetic Dentistry

Reduce your Chances of Dental Infections with Proper Endodontic Treatment

The continuous heavy use of our teeth causes the enamel to wear away and reveal the fleshy part of the dentin that is called the pulp chamber. This section houses all the nerve endings and any problem with this part of your tooth can result in excruciating pain. The only treatment possible is root canal therapy which mainly cleans out the pulp chamber all the way down to the root and uses a special filling to help plug the space to prevent further infections. You can have your endodontist perform root canal therapy to treat your condition.

Possibility of periodontal disease

If you have developed an infection in your root or the pulp chamber, you run the risk of having that infection spread to your gums as well. That will lead to periodontal disease if it is left untreated. The pulp chamber is connected to your gums with a narrow passage that connects the dentin with the root.

Depending on the severity of the infection, your tooth can form an abscess at the root that kills the nerves from deposited bacteria and infections also spread from there. The pulp chamber is the first to get diseased and will require cleaning out all the way to the roots to be effectively treated. Your endodontist can perform this during your root canal therapy.

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Excessive Tooth damage

The bacterial deposits can degrade the enamel from the inside and cause severe damage to your tooth. Cavities and tooth decay are direct results of an infected pulp chamber. The only remedy for this condition is to have an endodontist perform a root canal therapy that cleans out the pulp chamber using a special tool and fills up the space using a special formula designed to ensure that you are safe from infections.

Sometimes the damage to your tooth can be so extensive that a repair is no longer an option. In this case, you need to have your tooth replaced. If you are lucky, most of the damage is contained in the visible part of the tooth and will just require a crown replacement, after a root canal therapy to ensure that the infection does not spread. If the damage has spread deeper, you may need surgery to have your tooth removed and effectively clean all bacteria and get dental implants, or an artificial crown, to restore your missing tooth.

Dentist’s choice

For most cases, your dentist will recommend just a root canal treatment to clean out your tooth and have it sealed to prevent further infections. Even if the enamel is damaged, your dentist can customize an artificial crown for you to use. This will help your mouth feel normal and have the affected tooth function normally.

An endodontist specializes in root canal therapy and for most cavities and pulp chamber infections – this is the only treatment that is required. You need not get expensive implants for trivial problems that can be fixed easily by your dental care professional.

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