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Get in touch with any affordable dentists and they will tell you that dental Implants actually date back to around 600 AD into the days of the Mayan empire, where implant was heavily made of sea shells, gold, silver and ivory and hammered into the jaws of patients.

Thank Heavens for contemporary dentistry!

Nowadays, the procedure is deemed as the approved care for tooth loss and the best dental restoration option. They offer valuable benefits in term of comfort, natural appearance, oral function and healthy, and can in fact last a lifetime.  Could you ask for more?

Dental implants are loved by patients. But how much do you really know about the treatment? Of course, you may be well versed with the basic facts, but did you know they have the highest success rate of any tooth replacement solution?

Read on to know more about some fascinating and surprising facts.

Highest Success Rate:

As compared to other tooth replacements solutions like bridges, dentures and crowns that have a shelf life lasting anywhere from five to ten years, or the need for replacement or adjusted regularly, dental implants treatment last forever. The study suggests of over 98% success rates as compared to any tooth replacement solution, while giving you all the function and look of natural teeth.

Your Restored Teeth Can’t Get Cavities:

Yes, your implanted teeth are immune to cavities. The artificial material allows the restored teeth to last for long without decay. However, it’s still important to brush, floss and care for your surrounding natural teeth and gums along with regular, professional cleanings and dental check-ups.

Made From the Same Material Used By NASA

Here’s a good one: The titanium used in most of the implant treatment is the same type of metal used by NASA in space shuttles, rockets and guide missiles. Typically, titanium and titanium alloy which are stronger and lighter than steel ensure that your implants last a lifetime.

Your Jawbone Are Stronger Than Ever After the Surgery

The titanium with its biological fusing properties bond to the bone in the mouth, spur its growth and strengthens your jawbone.

Exert Greater Force When Eating

 Patients can enjoy greater forces when eating, producing bite forces up to 60 kgs. This contributes to more efficient chewing and improved function overall.

Suitable at any age:

Yes, if required you can have dental implant at any age (read whether you’re 16 or 90) as long as your mouth is healthy.

Painless Surgical Routine:

Most implants are placed delivering a numbing shot with local anesthesia, hence if you’re among the many patients with dental anxiety, sedatives or anti-anxiety medications may be provided beforehand the surgical routine. Generally, you may experience some mild vibration during the procedure, but it’s rarely a cause for concern.

Modern implants have come a long way and involve a variety of shapes and size to suit different clinical situations.

The implant market in the U.S is projected to reach $6.4 billion by 2018.

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