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Health Tips   •   December 4, 2017

Is this Christmas Miserable or Merry!

Monitor your pH level in mouth in this Christmas   An overview of pH values in foods and drinks Christmas is salivating, can you resist having sugary candies and chocolates under the mistletoe. It is hard right! It is an important liquid medium in which chemicals are carried to taste receptor cells. This substance is […]

Dental Health, Teeth Cleaning, Teeth Whitening   •   November 15, 2017

Keep It Cheesy for a Long-Lasting Smile

Dаіrу products аrе іmроrtаnt fоr gооd оvеrаll health, еѕресіаllу bоnе hеаlth. Eating сhееѕе аnd оthеr dаіrу рrоduсtѕ аlѕо mіght help рrоtесt tееth аgаіnѕt cavities. All рrоduсtѕ that аrе derived frоm mіlk аrе gооd sources оf calcium whісh іѕ аn essential nutrient for thе dеvеlорmеnt оf bones and tееth. Eаtіng сhееѕе rеѕultѕ іn a соаtіng оf […]

Dental Emergency, Dental Health   •   July 18, 2017

A Tale of Toothless Leagues: NFL v. NHL Edition

Nothing beats watching your favorite football team win The Super Bowl, or rooting for your beloved hockey team to win the Stanley Cup. The path to sports glory is not an easy one. Each team is faced with challenges, losses and even injuries. NFL players are prone to concussions, pulled muscles, broken bones as well […]

Dental Health   •   June 2, 2017

The Key to Your Health Starts with Your Heart and Ends with Your Smile

Your health is often reflected in the mirror that is your body. If you eat a balanced diet and drink enough water, your skin will look hydrated and healthy. If you care about our fitness and exercise on a regular basis, this physical routine will reward you with toned muscles and more stamina. Your mouth […]

Dental Health   •   May 22, 2017

A Guide to the Health Problems Hiding Behind an Unsightly Smile

Smiling is a universal language. We communicate our feelings using a smiley face in our texts, photos and even when we want to show off our flawless teeth. From the Mona Lisa to Julia Roberts, healthy smiles are not only attractive, but they are also the tip of the iceberg when it comes to identifying […]