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Dental Health   •   November 2, 2018

7 Best Practices To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Achieving healthy teeth and smiles is not easy. It requires tremendous care and patience. So, it is crucial to take the right steps along with proper care and maintenance. Here, we have listed the 5 best practices that will help you keep your teeth healthy. Don’t Go To Bed Without Brushing Your Teeth It’s no […]

Health Tips   •   June 20, 2018

Poor Oral Health Could Play a Role in Triggering Dental Abscess

The dental pulp is composed of living connective tissue, nerves & cells and when a bacterial infection affects it, the condition gives rise to a dental abscess. It is a pocket of pus that accumulates near the root of the tooth and causes throbbing and unbearable pain. There are three types of dental abscesses, one […]

Dental Sealants   •   June 4, 2018

Dental Sealants Can Work As a Protection for Your Teeth

Dental sealants are used to treat a decayed tooth, it acts as a protective barrier for the surface of the teeth and prevents cavities. Some of our front teeth consist of cingulum pits while certain back teeth have fissures which are prone to bacteria. Food particles get easily stuck in those areas and it becomes […]

Teeth Cleaning   •   May 22, 2018

4 Useful Benefits Associated With Dental Cleaning

Professional dental cleaning not just lets you sport a brighter smile but also has several other benefits. You might feel that heading to a dentist for a dental cleaning session is not quite fruitful, but it could be just the opposite. You may be brushing and flossing twice a day to prevent your mouth from […]

Oral Health   •   July 26, 2017

Why You Should Always Remember to Clean Your Tongue

Your daily oral hygiene ritual is not complete without cleaning your tongue. This often forgotten step is just as important as brushing and flossing your teeth. Why? Because the rough surface of the tongue also harbors harmful bacteria. This bacteria can lead to plaque, gum disease and lingering bad breath. According to the American Dental […]