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Sedation DentistryWe all have a deep seated fear of dental treatments, mostly because of our general perception that dental treatments can be immensely painful. While this is true, the dentist is obligated to take effective measures to ensure that the process is a positive and painless experience for you. This is where sedation dentistry comes into the picture.

Sedation Dentistry makes use of medications to put the patient into a deep sleep during a dental procedure. Mostly used for patients with a low tolerance for pain or for surgeries and long treatments.

Understanding Sedation Dentistry
There are several levels of sedation that depend on the treatment as well as the patient’s condition.

  • Minimal sedation keeps the patient awake but numb enough to feel very relaxed. Oral medication and nitrous oxide is the typically used agent for sedation in this case.
  • Moderate sedation puts the patients in a limbo-like state where they cannot feel anything and may not remember the procedure at all. In this case, they are awake but also tend to fall asleep depending on their tolerance. This is administered both orally as well as intravenously.
  • Patients put under deep sedation are asleep but they can be awakened at a moment’s notice by the doctor or the nurse. There’s no memory of the procedure after they’ve woken.
  • General anesthesia puts the patient to deep sleep but cannot be woken up until the effect has worn off.

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sedation dentistry PrecautionsPrecautions to take
The dentist takes several precautions to ensure that sedation dentistry does not cause harm in the name of treatment. Before any medication is administered, your dental care professional checks all your medical history and conducts a few basic tests to properly determine the dosage – especially during intravenous anesthesia.

While you are sedated, your dentist will carefully monitor your vital signs and ensure that they are stable throughout the procedure. The objective of sedation is to ensure that the treatment happens in a safe environment with minimal complications.

How does it influence your experience?
Over three quarters of the general population suffer from anxiety at the prospect of dental treatments. This is countered by sleep or sedation dentistry. The process makes use of sedatives like relaxants and anesthetics to put the patients to sleep throughout the treatment so that they don’t feel the pain that is generally associated with dentistry. This step has been taken to ensure that patients undergoing dental treatments are comfortable throughout the procedures and have a painless experience.

The experts at Affordable Dentist Near Me in Texas prefer controlled sedation for their patients to help them have a positive experience during the course of their treatment. It is a relatively new technique that is adopted, with success, all over the dental communities.

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