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Free Whitening Pen

Regular Value of $49

  • No Exam Or X-Rays Required
  • Tri Pham, DDS and Associate

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Affordable Dentist Near Me
We believe that Good Things

Start With A Smile

Welcome to Affordable Dentist Near Me Practice for all your dental needs. We specialize in all phases of General and Cosmetic Dentistry. Our highly skilled staff is most friendly and caring. We have taken extreme care to provide an environment in which you will feel at home, and to make sure your oral health is optimacondition. First impression is the best impression and to impress someone you need to have good teeth.

Our Services

Dental Financing

If you need dental care but do not have the resources, Affordable Dentist Near You offers a dental financing plan through American HealthCare Lending.

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you want to improve the look of your smile, then you are not alone. Cosmetic dentistry is very popular and at Affordable Dentist Near You, it is very affordable.

Dental Dentures

Some people know dentures as false teeth because they are teeth used to replace natural teeth that are missing. Whether your teeth are missing…

Dental Emergency

It seems that dental emergencies often happen when regular office hours are over. At Affordable Dentist Near Me, this is never the case.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is an anchor placed into your jaw in place of a tooth root. Once in place, this root can hold either an artificial tooth or a …


Bridges are false teeth that are used to replace one or more missing teeth. They are anchored into place using an implant or are cemented

Thousand of Happy Patients

I really appreciate the service at Affordable Dentist Near Me. This was my first time to dental after multiple searches in various websites, find the best place. Very good customer service and a best place to take care of the patient.

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Let your Teeth Thank You this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can truly be disastrous for your oral health, but at this time of the year you just cannot say no to food. Your oral wellbeing can go for a toss as you may give into temptation just by looking at the grand feast laid on the table. However, don’t deprive...
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Ten Foods Which Affect your Teeth and Gums

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Time to remove all those bad teeth? Immediate dentures are a solution, but the transition can be emotional as well as physical. Immediate denture – Smile without stress When the decaying tooth causes you stress with its annoying pain a better way out is to remove the...
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Dental Implants Made Affordable is the New Dental Trendsetter

Two commonly-used drugs affect dental implant integration, investigators have found. They report that one helps, while the other hinders.

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How does Tobacco Affect your Dental Health

Let’s find out how tobacco affects dental health…

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Root Canal Therapy as Preventive Tooth Decay Treatment

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Good Things Start With A Smile.

Scheduling An Appointment

Good Things Start With A Smile.

Scheduling An Appointment

About Us

The Affordable Dentist Near Me has sole aim of providing high quality dental care to every patient in Texas. We are aimed to provide nothing but the comforting experience without breaking your banks. In addition to meet your needs at our best, we are offering services at very affordable prices. In addition to specials, we also provide financing to give you best possible care and get paid whenever you pay. To provide best solution according to your financial status, we understand the limitations of your insurance.

What We Guarantee?

In order to deliver complete dental care in a level when we can provide good value for your money and customer satisfaction of higher level, we implement latest dental materials, modern equipment and orthodontic appliances. We offer free start-up test and x-rays to our new practices. Against any disease, your mouth is first defense. This way, we provide best dental treatments in our area to all our patients.

Contact us today to know how we can help you.