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Would you like to know one secret? When you want to see the dentist as little as possible—and save on dental treatment as much as you can—come visit us every six months. That applies to children too!

Our dental hygienists are all things teeth specialists who are leading the fight against tooth decay and gum disease. Above all, they are loving, gentle and detailed. They're taking the time to get to know you, your teeth and your wellness.

Oral hygiene is the key to oral health

We arrange our treatment so that it functions like a dental home — all the services that you and your family need in one place. Without our dental hygienists we may not be able to do that. Hygienists are also the first to find a problem and when they do, they help the dentist arrange more specialized treatment.

What you’re in for


Your hygienist (or dentist) will test every tooth at each check-up, plus your gums, tongue and cheeks. Healthy teeth depend on good mouth. Your dentist will search for cavities, symptoms of gum disease, allergies and other potential health conditions in all the structures and surfaces in your mouth.


Your hygienist may clean with an ultra-sonic tool or a dental scraper along and below the gum line to extract the built-up plaque and tartar. When all the tartar and plaque is gone, you'll get a proper flossing and a tooth polishing.

Most people require dental cleaning every six months but more frequently some people need it. People who easily build up tartar, get type II diabetes, or have gum disease can need to see the hygienist three to four times a year.


New digital X-Ray devices are using a low dose of radiation to take precise images of the anatomy of the mouth. X-Rays help the dentist see complications, such as bacteria, teeth cavities, damaged wisdom teeth, and much more. Twice a year is a normal adult schedule.

We clean, you maintain!

Brush your teeth to remove tartar at least twice a day, so that it does not become a plaque. Floss for breaking up bacteria between teeth at least once a day that your brush can not enter. Make sure you use fluoride toothpaste to strengthen the enamel in your teeth, so they can stand up to plaque. A rinse with fluoride is likewise a good idea.

Dental checkups twice a year is must for kids

Like grownups, children must have their teeth cleaned and tested. This includes teeth of a baby. Healthy baby teeth result in healthy adult teeth. So, when they cut their first tooth or their first birthday cake, get those babies in, whichever comes first!

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