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What you'd need to bring

We would need your false teeth, braces, retainers and all other dental products that you are using, on your appointment. We will also need:

  • Insurance cards and a photo ID
  • Recent dental X-Rays (within 6 months) if you have them
  • Full information on your medical and dental health history
  • A list of your current medicines
  • A way of paying for co-paid and out of pocket costs

Here's an idea of what your visit would be like.

We will check your dental health

And your gums, your tongue and your cheeks. Dental health depends on a clean mouth. Your dentist will test all of your mouth's structures and surfaces for cavities, gum disease, allergies and other potential health problems.

We will clean the gums above and below

The hygienist or dentist will clean with an ultra-sonic tool or dental scraper to extract built-up plaque and tartar along and underneath the gum line. When all the plaque and tartar are gone, the dentist world brush the teeth and floss them.

Threatening diseases such as tumors and oral cancers are usually first identified from X-rays.

We will then move on to X-Rays

If you haven't recently had X-Rays, the dentist will prescribe a series of x-rays for all your teeth. X-Rays show problems dentists can not see even when they look. A variety of issues are first found out of an X-ray: broken teeth, allergies, caries and degradation of teeth, and even diseases that endanger life such as tumors or oral cancer.

We will address your oral health

We will make sure you follow the concepts of brushing and flossing and will inform you if any conditions such as cavities or gum disease exist. We will explain why and tell you all your choices if you need specialized treatment.

Finally, we will make a plan for your future treatment, if you need any

If your teeth are healthy, then fine! We will send you home with a plan to take care of them, and an appointment in six months for a return visit. We will help you prepare what you need if you require additional procedures or care, including affordable financing.

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