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Dental crown plays a major role in covering up the decayed tooth above the gum line. It wraps to hide the faults and forms a case that covers the outer surface.

Crowns are made of porcelain or metal base with thin layers of ceramic contents that match the real color of teeth. It gives a tidy and healthy look to the users. Sometimes people have a tendency to remove the damage by applying gold crowns.


The dentist numbs the teeth, gums and tongue and the surrounding skin in the mouth. A jelly like substance is applied to the area that slowly starts losing its sensitivity, this helps in to inject anesthesia in the place.

A small sheet of rubber on the metal frame is used to point out the rotten tooth and drill out the decayed tooth out of the mouth.

Dentist takes impression of the decayed tooth and then the skilled experts makes an impression of the damaged tooth. Dentist makes the crown ready by using the shape of the mold.

Dental crowns are made with: Acrylic, Ceramic, Gold, and Metal Alloys, Porcelain

Reasons Why Dental Crowns Are Worn:

Restoring shape and size of the teeth and improve the look of a person.

If you notice that your teeth are going to break off soon.

Persons going under dental bridge also require dental crowns to support the bridge.

If some of your teeth has stained due to usage or may be of some other reasons.

People who are using root canal will definitely need crowns. If he thinks that he will remove the decayed area then impression of the tooth will be made by skilled people out there.

After the process is done lips and mouth may have no senses at all until the doses of anesthesia wears off. The process can appear to be painful after a while when you gain back your senses but these pains can get away with medicines, especially pain killers.

Crowns help to seal the decayed layer of tooth and give your tooth strength and repair gum tissues generally.

Advantages Of Crowns:

  • People using crowns have lots of restorative uses; crowns support damaged teeth or masks flaws in our mouth. This has a special feature that once you start using this it slowly dissolves into the surrounding teeth.
  • Restores root canal and helps to increase the length of the decayed tooth.
  • Customize your smile and fixes the crookedness in the teeth and alignment.
  • Crowns have high stress resistance quality.

There Are Ways To Take Care Of Dental Crowns:

Avoid sticky or hard food if you are wearing temporary crown, specially chewing gum or something brittle food particles like peanut, carrots if you are carrying temporary crown.

A permanent crown can last upto fifteen years or if maintained properly may be more than that. Now, this is something different when the person is using crowns for the very first time it is recommended to use soft bristle toothbrush. Flossing at least once in a day is welcomed. It is used to protect underlying tooth as well. So if you wish to maintain the longevity of your teeth then take care crown users.

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