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Why braces are important

You could think that braces are just for the looks of it. However, straighter teeth play a significant role in safety and wellness overall. Crooked teeth can cause speech issues, make it difficult to chew and create areas that are hard to clean, leading to tooth decay and gum disease.

How braces work

Braces push the teeth, by slowly moving them over months or years. That is just so easy! They can pull in an overjet, put together gapped teeth or straighten a crooked tooth.

These devices work on the surface of the teeth and jaws. Expanders, masks that pull and restrain chin bands will reshape both your jaw and teeth.

Since your teeth are embedded in your jaw's bone, moving your teeth allows the bone to move in front of the moving tooth and new bone to develop where the tooth was, which is why you can use braces to make lasting changes in your smile.

When's the right time to get braces?

At any age you can get braces and produce great results. But, to be fully honest, shifting teeth and adjusting bone structures when you're young is much easier, because you're still growing and your body, particularly bones, is easier to adjust.

Many problems need to be rectified early, such as underbites. If you're a mother, the dentist of your child should keep a close eye on their bite, from the baby teeth on. It will be time for a consultation with the Orthodontist at about the age of seven.

Understanding bite disorders

Cross bite:

If you have a cross bite, an upper tooth, or teeth, if you bite, you fall behind your lower teeth. At the front or side of your mouth, you can have a cross bite.

Over bite:

Over bite is how much your teeth overlap the upper or lower teeth. Most people have a touch of overbite, but just enough for the lower teeth to rest just behind the upper teeth. The teeth might not look crooked, but you've got a deep overbite if your lower front teeth bite into the upper gums or the roof of your mouth.

Over jet:

The upper teeth project with an overjet, at an angle away from the lower teeth. You can have a nice bite because the base of your upper teeth matches your lower teeth, but the uppers stick out.

Gaps and other spacing problems:

Teeth may develop in too close or too far apart together. Occasionally people grow extra teeth crowding their mouths, or they don't grow the usual 32 teeth, leaving a gap behind.

Under bite:

The lower teeth stretch deeper, with an underbite, than the upper teeth. This is triggered if the lower jaw grows too long, or if the upper jaw is not growing enough. Mild underbites for the upper jaw and chin caps that draw the lower jaw back can be corrected with braces and other external expanders. Extreme cases of underbite require surgical care.

It's really important that you handle an underbite well. It may cause discomfort and struggles with chewing, swallowing, speaking and even breathing, if left alone. It can also cause deformities of the face.

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Akil Allen
Akil Allen
If you like your teeth and mouth do not go here. At one point they were good. As expansion happened and cost went up everywhere, I feel as if they forgot about the people sitting in the seats paying for the service. When you pay for a dental implant you expect that it stays in. That is why you spent money on it. Needless to say that it did not work and somehow did not work. They had to fix and replace the tooth. Then it happened again. At this point it was not worth them messing up again, but after seeing a new dentist they said it would be best that whoever messed it should fix it. Now back here, they said they had to remove the original implant and let the gum heal before putting in a new one. The pain experienced at this next visit lasted almost a week and no it was a horrible experience. The dentist who was working on my mouth started talking about lunch and just left me to be closed by someone else. No next steps and I had to call in to get a prescription for the pain. After it “healed” no more pain, I went back because something didn’t feel right. They told me there may be some infection and take some antibiotics. Now on the day before my visit I was surprised by a implant coming out on it own.
May 09, 2024
Johnathan Livingston
Johnathan Livingston
Hello all! So short story time! These guys are awesome. I was able to come in when I needed the most help and get things done quickly. Every single staff member did a great job, and I really enjoyed having dr. C .Nguyen as my dentist. Also Paulette at the front was awesome to. I do highly recommend these people if your looking for reasonable and professional dentist. Financing is awesome available. Thanks again!
Feb 28, 2024
Paulina S.
Paulina S.
So to start off I'm not happy about going to the dentist due to high prices and insurance not always working when it needs to, however, when I came to this dentist office I was so relieved. Yes the prices are high (all dental places are) BUT they have payment plans and work with you to try and help you find the best pricing for you. I had an outrageous amount of work needed to be done and the front desk girl PAULETTE was an absolute angel with helping me out. Everyone was super nice and very efficient! I got my new patient consultation and a root canal done in the same day! Will definitely be coming back!
Mar 01, 2024
Elizabeth Almaraz
Elizabeth Almaraz
Exceptional customer experience with Claudia Perez. She was so polite and explained everything to me thoroughly. Was so much help and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this place and if you have Claudia helping you it'll be a great experience.
Apr 01, 2024
Zack E
Zack E
Absolutely phenomenal experience. I had the honor to have Carolina! From the moment I stepped in, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism. The staff went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and ease throughout my visit. The waiting area was inviting and calming, which helped alleviate any pre-appointment nerves.
Feb 09, 2024

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