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Braces can look fancy too!

Colored rubber bands, gold brackets that hold translucent, transparent hardware you can barely see — we have braces that suit your style, whether you want to flaunt them or go incognito.

Traditional braces

The original ones! Reliable, proven stainless steel brackets and wires hold on to rubber bands of medical standard. If you come in for a change, we can swap the bands out and add a splash of color!

Gold-plated braces

Gold-plated wire and brackets add to your ongoing smile some serious elegance. It's nothing like conventional stainless steel, yet exactly the same. They're just looking cooler.

Clear ceramic brace

Clear braces are perfect for those trying to straighten their teeth slowly, and rather secretively!

Invisible aligners

Replace your brackets and wires with discreet and flexible aligners clicking on your teeth. You will be fitted with a new set of aligners every 2-3 weeks by your orthodontist, slowly shaping your smile.

Don't forget: braces need extra care

Braces make flossing and brushing difficult. All the extras required to keep your teeth and your gums safe plus MI Paste Plus come in our Ortho Care Kits. It is a special paste which soothes and strengthens sensitive teeth. You can also pick it up at any place you can purchase Ortho Kits and supplies.

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