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kids Dental Sealants

Seal the doors on bacteria; get dental sealants for your child

Dental sealants can minimize decay by as much as 80%, according to the American Dental Association (ADA). Secure your child against cavity. Get dental sealants for your kid!

Why those little teeth need extra protection

Here's a rough mix: sticky candy, sugary-sodas and kids who just begin to get the hang of brushing and flossing. No wonder the cavities are the # 1 infancy problem in the United States.

Dental sealants will help protect your child's teeth so those chompers remain safe.

Sealants protect the back teeth

Molars on their tops have nooks and crannies that sugary foods get stuck to. And because they're way in the back, they're extra hard to brush, particularly in small young mouths.

Sealants provide a protective barrier between the bacteria and the tooth enamel. Using a sealant doesn't mean your child gets to stop brushing and flossing; it just provides an extra line of cavity protection.

What’s the pain-free procedure to get Sealants?

  • We do a thorough inspection and cleaning to ensure every tooth is safe and ready for sealing.
  • Next, we are cleaning your child's teeth and applying a mild gel to help strong the sealant bond.
  • Then a quick rinse to remove gel and thoroughly dry again.
  • Now, we are placing the sealant and using a special UV light to cure it. It just takes a few seconds to complete.

How long can sealants last?

Dental sealants can last for quite a long time. At any check-up, the dentist will test the sealant. When it starts drying, the dentist will apply a fast touch-up.

How is it that kids should have dental sealants?

During their tweens or teens, children typically get dental sealants after their adult molars are in. Younger kids with signs of tooth decay may even have sealants on their baby molars.

Are Sealants safe for kids?

Sealants form a thin layer of protection over your child's teeth. A child can experience a mild allergic reaction in rare cases, which can be reversed by removing the sealant. Even the American Dental Association (ADA) suggests sealants.

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Miguel Aguilar
Miguel Aguilar
My assistant for my last appointment Lydia, a young Egyptian woman, was extremely pleasant & from talking to her a very hard worker. She was merely 21 yrs old & already almost has he bachelors degree in biology, that is proof in itself of her diligent lifestyle. We had a pleasant conversation eventhough as a person who knows things about archaeology I think I may have known more about her own culture but she was very attentive to my questions and responsive to my information. It does d take a while for the doctor to be available to help clean my teeth & Lydia was very patient and understanding the whole time. When the Vietnamese Dr. Wyn finally arrive she also was very professional. If possible I would prefer these two medical practitioners to assist me at my appointment. They both were great.
Jun 29, 2024
Sarah Deanne
Sarah Deanne
I had an Amazing experience here!! I had a bad toothache and needed a few teeth removed. Everyone was friendly and the financing plan saved me!! I’m still in shock at how smooth the whole process was. From getting a same day appointment, financing and after procedure instructions that answered all of my questions! I am impressed! I will be returning for all my dental work!
Jun 12, 2024
Josephine Cepeda
Josephine Cepeda
I absolutely love Angie and Dr.Soliman.. Angie’s so kind and listens to my needs. She makes sure I’m comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Soliman take his time makes sure lm not in pain and is so professional and kind.. I’ve been here numerous times and these to are my absolute favorite duo!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
Jul 11, 2024
Johnathan Livingston
Johnathan Livingston
Hello all! So short story time! These guys are awesome. I was able to come in when I needed the most help and get things done quickly. Every single staff member did a great job, and I really enjoyed having dr. C .Nguyen as my dentist. Also Paulette at the front was awesome to. I do highly recommend these people if your looking for reasonable and professional dentist. Financing is awesome available. Thanks again!
Feb 28, 2024
Steve Shark
Steve Shark
Jennifer is terrific. Hard worker. She has an eye for detail. Great upbeat personality. Got my wife’s temporary right. Fort Worth Meadowbrook st office.
Jun 19, 2024

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