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Carefully crafted to your precise specifications, our custom dentures are individually made to provide a life like look and a flawless fit. We offer a number of affordable alternatives; you choose the size, shade and type of teeth that suit you — and your budget — best.

If you’ve lost some or all of your natural teeth, don’t lose heart. With ProCareTM dentures, you can restore your smile and regain your confidence. Available exclusively at Affordable Dentist Near Me, they’re custom designed and specially fitted down to the tiniest detail to match your bite and flatter your appearance. We’re so confident that you’ll be pleased with how your new dentures look and feel that we back them with some of the longest warranties on the market.

When you come in for your consultation, we‘ll determine what your needs are and recommend which tooth shades, sizes and materials are right for you. Our specially trained staff will then meticulously customize a pair of dentures that conform to the contours of your face while complementing the color of your hair and the complexion of your skin. We use the latest techniques to ensure a more precise fit, reducing the necessity for adjustments later on.

To make sure your dentures fit your budget as comfortably as they fit you, we offer a variety of products and price points to choose from, including:

First-Time Denture Wearer Package

We can help you make the transition to wearing dentures as smooth as possible. DentalWorks offers first-time wearers a two-step procedure to ensure you are not faced with any discomfort. We start by outfitting you with immediate dentures to help you meet your more immediate needs. As you grow used to the presence of your new set of teeth, we can custom design a set of permanent dentures that will be a more accurate, longer lasting fit for you. Consult our dentist for more details.

ProCare Premium

ProCare Premium dental dentures are strongly made so that it can withstand years of wear. It is covered by a three-year warranty and a free two-year Breakage Protection Plan. The dental dentures are customized to fit your smile and your facial features to provide a realistic look and be a better fit. In addition to three previews, you can receive up to 10 free adjustments for the first three years. The dentures with ProCare Premium are available in 12 lifelike shades that you can choose.

ProCare Select

ProCare Select offers you an alternative with attractive dental dentures at an affordable price. There are six shades of dentures available for your choice and they are designed to look and function like natural teeth. ProCare Select is backed by a two-year warranty. You are offered two previews of the dentures before the final set is constructed and you are also eligible to get up to six free adjustments over the span of 2 years.

ProCare Economy

This is our most economical option among our dentures treatment packages. ProCare Standard dental dentures are backed by a one-year warranty. You can choose from over six shades of teeth for your new dentures. Your dentures will appear realistic and will fit comfortably for you to smile with complete confidence. You are entitled to a preview of your dentures before we begin making them and you will receive three free adjustments for the first 12 months.

ProCare Elite

ProCare Elite dentures are custom made and fitted for maximum comfort. Our premium dental dentures utilize the finest quality teeth and naturally contoured gum material to create a smile you can truly call your own. You can choose from a wide array of tooth shapes and sizes as well as 25 colors. ProCare Elite dentures are backed by a five-year warranty and a free three-year Breakage Protection Plan and offers superior wear and stain resistance; they also come with a free denture care kit. You can preview your dentures as many times as you like and receive unlimited free adjustments for the first four years.

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