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Affordable Dentist Near Me - Dental Emergency Fort Worth

There are many reasons why patients in and around Texas may require an emergency dentist. A dental emergency is a situation which requires immediate medical attention. At Affordable Dentist Near Me Fort Worth location, we accept last minute appointments and are prepared to handle every kind of dental emergency. We make sure our patients are treated immediately and do not suffer from oral pain for prolonged hours. In simple words, we work day in and day out and never leave any stones unturned in providing the best treatment to the patients seeking emergency medical care.





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Possible Dental Emergencies

As per a recent report published by the American Dental Association, people involved in sports and athletics are highly susceptible to tooth damage. The need for emergency dentists is, therefore, increasing day by day. Adults who are not involved in sports on a regular basis are particularly susceptible to these kinds of injuries. It hardly matters what kind of injury led to a dental emergency, our dentist is adept at handling all. You may be required to visit us for the following reasons –

  • An intensive toothache – it keeps hurting even after regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing.
  • Chipped Or Broken Teeth – If the chip is large, or cracked, or broken in pieces.
  • Knocked out tooth.
  • Loose tooth
  • Lost filling or crown
  • Broken or loose braces – contact your orthodontics as soon as possible.
  • Abscess – A tooth infection if left untreated for a prolonged period of time can lead to a dental abscess.
  • Continuous bleeding due to gum, tongue, or cheek injuries.

We believe in a positive experience at Affordable Dentist near Me.

Emergency Treatment

Treatments for missing teeth involve the use of dental bridges, implants and crowns. You may have lost your tooth due to various reasons, but as long as the root is intact, a simple cosmetic makeover can treat that problem. If your root has been damaged or impacted, surgical options will be necessary to treat that problem.

You can give us a call at 817-496-2343 at any hour or drop in at our center in Fort Worth, TX, to have the expert dentists here treat your dental emergency.

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Chanelle S.

“Dr. Mike Pham is one of the best dentist in Fort Worth. He makes you feel very comfortable and patiently teach how to take care of your teeth. He avoids fillings if not necessary. Focused on overall mouth health.”

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6426 Meadowbrook Dr Fort Worth, TX 76112


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Lizz Moore
Lizz Moore
PLEASE!!!! don't go there!!!! I had upper dental implants done last year. This doctor totally messed my mouth up. I had to have ALL of my dental work re-done by a oral surgeon and periodontist at the same time. I was in surgery for 3 1/2 hours. They had to remove all the implants and do a total bones graft ,which will take 3-4 months to heal before I can get my permanent teeth. I can't chew any solid food for 3 toc4 months. If I could give them a zero rating I would.
Nov 28, 2023
Tracie Hogue
Tracie Hogue
Very kind, and understanding they were more than happy to help me in any way they can, my credit is poor but I got financing through them because of their help. The other dentist I had gone to didn't care about me and didn't care about notifying me or helping me with a payment plan. They were only concerned about money I wasted so much money with them but affordable dentist near me or wonderful and can meet my needs I like the staff also and the lady that helped me with financing. If I could remember her name right now I would write it down maybe next time I will learn her name but these people are good people so if you need a dentist this is your best bet I've been online I have searched and I found them affordable dentist near me and that was lucky so do it yourself check them out you would be pleasantly surprised. They are located in Crowley Texas okay ... .
Aug 29, 2023
Gwendolyn Miller-Shain
Gwendolyn Miller-Shain
They have been a God send. I can smile again!!! I got a full top implant and they’ve been so helpful and informative every step of the way. Dr. Pham is so nice and knowledgeable. Jennifer takes great care of patients too! I wouldn’t trust my mouth with many due to the awful state my mouth was in, but they’ve done a great job. HIGHLY recommend.
Aug 01, 2023
Asha Major
Asha Major
I so love affordable dentist. At first I was skeptical and unsure but I took a leap and made an appointment. I’ve been going through some extensive dental work, but the staff here is exceptionally loving and they make sure my confidence stays up to par. I love the ladies here so much it feels like family and I hate to leave lol 😂. The doctors are very nice, helpful, and professional. I got a tooth extracted, and implant placed in less than 15 minutes and I couldn’t believe the doctor when he said it would take that amount of time. Affordable dentist and its staff keeps me laughing and smiling but most of all feeling loved. 🥹🥹
Mar 28, 2023
Jo Soto
Jo Soto
I had to have a tooth extracted because of how badly it hurt. I called and they got me in on the same day. Jasmine was super sweet as she rubbed my arm while I was being injected in my mouth. Dr. Nguyen had a little bit of a challenge pulling my tooth out, but she got it! All in all I had a good experience, I would definitely recommend this location.
Aug 31, 2023

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