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Pediatric dentist has been trained additionally beyond dental school. This part consists of understanding child’s behavior, physical augmentation, improvement and the understanding their oral need. The sounds of drills and the ambience can create fear in them. They may show aversion in the next visit.

Parents need to deal with this comfortably. They must take the help of pediatric dentist to assist oral problems. Children are not small adults. Their oral health is totally different from rest of the body.

Unique Features Of Pediatric Dentist:

A child can go through same problem as any other normal human being. In fact they grow more cavities than any adult, so they need more attention.

  • When children are brought to the clinic, they start to lose patience gradually, so playroom is adjusted for their recreation. Instead to wait outside the chamber and nurture thoughts of pain and treatment, a child needs to get relaxed before they are taken inside.
  • A dental chair which is the most common thing in a dentist office must be used in a different manner for child’s care. The chair must be stuffed with toys and fondled with all sorts of soft and colorful pampering materials in the office, so that he does not get terrified at the first place.
  • It is easier to capture the child’s attention, the moment you are able to seek it, you can calm their mind before operation.
  • The office is decorated as per child’s requirement, because you cannot instill fear in the mind of children before the treatment gets started. They make the place so appealing that the child will not back off in the next appointment.

Dental Care Taken By Pediatric Dentist:

  • Planning good diets for them, so that the foods that are chewed by them do not affect the baby teeth.
  • Improve speech, by guiding them with proper aids.
  • Check in for proper development by creating proper spacing restoring space for them.
  • Baby teeth are prone to decay at the first place, between ages 6 to 12.
  • Untreated tooth can lead to infection and finally result in tooth loss.

Procedure To Extract Tooth:

  • A pediatric dentist will extract tooth if only there is no hope to save the teeth. The tooth has undergone so much of decay that root canal becomes of no use.
  • If he finds the extraction simple then he will pull it out simply and if required he will apply small amount of anesthesia and will pluck it off with the help of forceps.
  • If the tooth is impacted dentist will used nitrous oxide to save the surrounding tissues and nerves.
  • Parents and dentist must talk to the child so that he can ease before the treatment..

What Needs To Be Done After The Tooth Is Extracted?

  • The child is asked to bite gauze until the bleeding stops. If it still does not stop he is asked to take in gauze after 20 minutes.
  • Medicines are prescribes to soothe pain and soreness in the mouth.
  • The child is asked to stay on soft diets so that the sensitive place does not bleed.
  • Avoid brushing until the clot heals up completely.

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