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Cut Down Your Problems With Dental Sealants

You all love to dazzle with shiny teeth. Daily brushing and flossing will help you to maintain your oral hygiene, but at the same truth there is another place seeks more attention, your molars are the roughest area that traps cavities and the best place which hides in bacteria.

Results have shown that sealants have reduced the rate of teeth decay nearly to 80%.It is a kind of thin, shielding film and promoting protective layer in the molars. These are fixed to the chewing surface, which keeps on defending bacteria from the teeth enamel.

How do dental sealants protect us?

  • Dental sealants are applied in the teeth to prevent tooth decay. Some amount of fluoride goes into our mouth through toothpaste; just like it sealants also work in the curved spot and protect the ribbed areas of teeth.
  • You can face discomfort at the first place, but then slowly it gets set.
  • Dentist will clean your teeth at the first place then gradually he will apply sealants in the chewing surface of the teeth. After it binds with the existing tooth, and a curing light is adjusted which hardens it.
  • The entire process is performed in one appointment.

Benefits of having sealants:

  • It reduces development of cavity.
  • The process is simple and applied quickly. It lasts for years and if taken proper care then it doesn’t wear off. It is the easiest solution and does not leave bad effects.
  • It lasts long and applying sealants is always a safe diversion rather than treating cavities, because this is painless and the cost is adjustable for common people, because cavities grow rampantly in US.
  • Tooth decay lead to severe oral problems but once you adopt sealants in your mouth then it gets healthier and safer to use.

You can get confused that whether sealants can be placed over cavities, or not.

If you see that your teeth are going to damage then apply sealants before hand to prevent further damage. At times sealants are transparent which makes dentist sure of the fact that the sealants are working or not.


  • Sealants last for many years if you take proper care. But if you see that there is damage, then it needs to be reapplied once again.
  • Visit dentist to check the condition of sealants at least once in month.

It is important to create awareness of sealants all over, so that parents do not fear and feel uncomfortable when they find their little once teeth are affected by cavities, instead take the help of pediatric dentist to get a fair knowledge to protect their teeth.

During this procedure, the number of teeth that needs to be sealed depends on the amount of caries that they are having at the moment. Preferably sealants should be applied after extraction of permanent tooth.

If your teeth are affected by cavities, and you think you do not have fair knowledge about sealants; then Affordable Dentist near Me, Fort Worth is just in your one-arm distance. Call us and fix an appointment with us.

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