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Affordable Braces – More than Just a Straight Teeth & Great Smile.

We do care about every aspects of the body and we want to look good when we smile, so if someone is suffering with the distorted alignment then taking up braces is the most convenient solution. Preferably when a child or a teenager faces the problem they must be cautious from the very start.

Teeth can grow in any shape and in any size but it can be categorized under the following:

Over-Bite, Under-Bite, Gapped-Tooth Or Cross Bite.

Orthodontics specializes in correcting the crooked teeth. He takes up all the key features to understand what needs to be done to correct and maintain the order of the teeth distortion.

Dentist will ask question about the clinical health and teeth impression will be done in order to see that whether it fits inside well. The most important agenda of the dentist is to do X-Rays of head and mouth.

Depending on all these the dentist analysis the types of braces a patient needs:

Braces can be: Traditional braces, Ceramic braces, Damon braces and also bands, wires, and other fixed or removable appliances.

While you are using braces you need to know how dentist fits braces inside your mouth that later on fixes the damage.

  • Brackets acts like handles that strongly hold the wires in the teeth. Now brackets can be made with stainless steel, or ceramic that is tooth-colored ceramic or plastic. These are small square-like shapes which are placed in the front side of teeth which binds the teeth.
  • Orthodontic band gets tiled to the teeth with dental bonding agent. The stainless steel or tooth material wraps inside-out of the teeth, to anchor the braces in the patients. This is the most approved and quite expensive than the normal stainless steel.
  • Separators are used in order to create small gap before the positioning of orthodontics bands.
  • Arch wires are then attached to these brackets so that the tooth does not move in irrelevant places.
  • Metal colored rubber bands are used as tiers that help to lock the arch wire to the brackets.
  • Buccal tube holds the end of arch-wire in place safely in the last tooth. These has added springs in it which enables all movements inside wires like – pushing, pulling, open or close spaces between teeth.
  • The two band sin both the arch helps in the movement of moving and exerting pressure inside the mouth.
  • Finally a headgear is used to treat the anomalies in either of the jaws. If someone is facing extra growth of jaw bone then this is used. This is metal like element mostly horse shaped and used inside mouth.

So this is the process how dentist fix in braces inside teeth.


Not only they fix all the crooked teeth but also correct the alignment of the teeth. Braces refill the gap between the teeth and help to make the look better and boost up self confidence.

Ceramic braces are colored like natural tooth, so the person using this ceramic brackets are less visible and one can use it longer as they want to.

It betters your oral health and it’s completely your own thing so try to maintain its hygiene, if needed you can check in or schedule appointments with us. We take care of teeth gaps, bad bite and dental health. No time to zip your smile inside your lips. Contact today for your benefit.

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