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Tooth extraction can arise at any point of time in your life, you must be having a thought in which circumstances a tooth needs to be plucked off.

Here Are The Following:

  • If you see that extra tooth is coming from behind.
  • Permanent teeth starts coming in the very presence of milk teeth.
  • People who treat their teeth with braces, blocks the growth of teeth development.
  • Drugs or any kind of clinical problem can damage your teeth slowly, so it is better to pull out the teeth, so that infection does not get spreaded.
  • Wisdom teeth that can come any time can cause serious pain, which if kept can lead to inflammation or cyst infections. They have a tendency to stick inside your jaw and cause pain.

Process To Extract Tooth:

Before tooth is removed, X-ray is done in order to see the inner tissues inside the gum, and to spot the length, shape and size of the tooth or wisdom teeth along with the surrounding teeth.

If the condition is good enough, dentist will pluck the teeth then and there in the office by applying local anesthesia. An elevator is used after the tooth is numbed, and the dentist extracts the teeth with the forceps.

After the above process is done, he takes care of the bone, to make the area smooth, if there is a hole, the dentist will stitch the place.

If complex procedure arises during surgery, for instance like tooth remains in the gum line or may be not fully grown. Dentist handles the situation by making a small incision in the gum, to reach out the affected tooth.

After The Extraction

After the extraction is done dentist asks to bite in the sterilize gauze inside their mouth for at least 20 to 30 minutes. This process helps in clotting the blood, and engages in the quick healing process.

Medication Needs To Be Followed:

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs needs to be taken so that the pain gets reduced after the extraction.
  • Pain killers and the patient needs to take in all sorts of medications.
  • Ice packs needs to be taken in after the tooth extraction is done, though your gum will bleed for 24 hours, taking in cold things like ice-cream may reduce the pain.

Home Remedy For Quick Healing:

  • If local anesthesia is applied inside your mouth, it may take some time to get back the feelings back, so if your tongue and lips itch or you feel the irritation be careful that you don’t bite it.
  • Pain is too much for at least three to four days, do not fidget with your teeth or gum let the pain settle down.
  • Do not brush at least for 24 hours.
  • Try to stay in liquid diet. Avoid chewing and mastication, as it may be hurt your wound in the gum and it may start bleeding. Sip in salt water and douse the area twice or thrice a day.
  • Try to take luke warm water before you go off to bed and after each meal is preferable.
  • Avoid flossing for the time being.
  • It may take to come again in your previous routine. But if you follow the routine thoroughly then healing will take faster.

So if you see that your teeth is really in vulnerable state and you are in a dire need for extraction then schedule an appointment with us. Affordable Dentist Near Me will relieve you from pain,” because of your smile, you make life more beautiful”.

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