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“Teeth Don’t Die A Natural Death, You Kill Them” So Try To Protect Your Gum To Avoid Periodontal Diseases.

When bacteria breeds in the gum it results in swelling and infection; this can be called as periodontal gum diseases. In this case generally we can see major damage to the soft tissues and bone that support the teeth.

What Can Cause Gum Diseases?

We brush and floss, but we cannot take care like dentist does. This results in many problems like plague and tartar.

Though the term” plague” may sounds scary but the consequences is much more devastating. It is kind of sticky bacterium that gradually builds up in the teeth and left the gum tissues become so vulnerable that it starts bleeding. But at the same time this has connection with your heart disease.

Researchers have shown that periodontal diseases can led to several other problems like dementia and in turn can affect the overall health.

How Plague Affects Your Gum?

When you intake starchy food and drinks, it releases a kind of acid that gradually erodes your teeth enamel. Plague being a sticky element keeps the acid intact in the teeth gradually leads to decay.

This led to the formation of gingivitis that makes the gum swollen and gum diseases slowly develop from there.

If you skip oral hygiene, then plague can occurs, as brush cannot reach out there. Gradually this leads to swollen gum, as it detaches tooth from the gum, a kind of pocket forms in there, this becomes the place where bacteria nests in.

Now Question May Arise That Whether This Disease Is Genetic Or Not?

Periodontal diseases can be genetic and involve huge risk for gum problem, but there are other factors too that can lead to inflammation of gum.

Factors That Increase The Risk Of Gum Diseases:

Ill habits-If the person smokes then the risk of getting periodontal diseases gets severe. As you smoke, you encourage tartar to form inside your teeth, and this resist proper health inside your mouth. Gradually loss of bone and decay of tissues occurs in there.

TRY TO QUIT, if you want to resist gum disease.

Genes– One can have periodontal diseases if someone in your kin is carrying the same.

But if you take in proper periodontal care then you can resist this.

Grinding teeth – If you grind or clench your teeth, this will lead to gum inflammation. This exerts excess pressure in the gum, which weakens the ligament and affects the bone tissues. If you do it consciously then you can visit dentist to stop this; he will prescribe you night mouth guards, occlusal guard or bite guard.

Changeable hormones– Whenever hormone fluctuates inside the body, it affects inside mouth. When the person is undergoing puberty or pregnancy, then there is high risk of hormones inside mouth.

Stress- Stress can weaken your immune system gradually. This adhere the risk of periodontal gum diseases at much quicker and faster rate.

Medicines– Medicines can cause dry mouth, like if you are taking pills for high blood pressure or depression. Dry mouth can only happen if there is not much saliva inside, which risk the formation of tooth cavity. Certain medicines like Phenytoin, Cyclosporine, and Nifedipine.

Poor dietVitamin C deficiency can lead to bleeding gum; if proper amount of nutrition is not going inside your body then you will tend to have gum diseases.

Diseases– Diseases can increase risk of getting inflammated gums too. If you’re having HIV, rheumatoid arthritis or having diabetes then you are likely to have problems in your gum.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

  • If you add certain oral habits in your teeth then you can avoid the risk of having gum diseases.
  • Brush your teeth regularly after every meal. Make sure that food debris is all cleaned from tongues and behind your teeth.
  • Try to floss at least once in a day. This will help to clear all the food particles hidden inside the gum line.
  • Apply mouth wash after brushing and flossing, this safeguard your mouth for more hours from bacteria and keep it fresh.

If you problem are too sever then you can go for surgical treatment, Affordable Dentist near Me in Fort Worth is skilled in doing advanced treatment. These might include all sorts of care related to your oral health. Contact us and fix an appointment with us.

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Melissa Almaraz
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