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Dental Patient Financing

Dental Financing

We make sure your financial status stays as healthy as your teeth — with competitive prices, promotional offers, discount plans and flexible financing

If you need dental care but do not have the resources, Affordable Dentist Near Me offers a patient financing plan that will benefit you. Through this plan, you can get a simple interest installment loan from $4,000 to $100,000 for up to 48 months. Depending upon your credit score, interest rates are promotional and there are no penalties for pre-payment.

We require no down payment or collateral and covers all treatments, procedures, and needed medications.

At Affordable Dentist Near Me, we present high quality, low cost dental care. We have expert dentists who specialize in all phases of general and cosmetic dentistry, and we are at your service from Monday to Saturday. We also accept walk-in checkups for dental emergencies. Our dental offices are located in Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, Grand Prairie, and Crowley.

Dental Insurance Plan

We have the best prices for dental treatments and we guarantee to beat any dental office fees by at least 5% and we accept a wide range of insurances including all PPO insurances to make our treatments fit inside your budget. Consult our expert dentists at any of our offices or call 855-996-3517  to schedule an appointment.

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Dental Financing