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blog   •   April 26, 2022

What are the different benefits of flossing?

Do you floss every day? It is one of the common questions you hear from a dentist in Fort Worth. However, the most common answer is ‘No’. We all give importance to brushing every day. We brush twice as recommended by the Fort Worth dentist. But many of us are hesitant to floss every day. […]

blog   •   March 22, 2022

What Is the Most Common Cause of TMJ?

TMJ disorder is caused by temporomandibular joint dysfunction, which connects the lower jaw to the skull. What causes these joints to become dysfunctional? This question is a little more complicated to answer because there are several factors at play. Here’s what might be causing your pain if you have a TMJ disorder. Clenching or grinding […]

blog   •   February 24, 2022

4 Things to Know About Getting Braces As An Adult

You’ve long resigned yourself to a life with crooked teeth because you never had braces as a teenager. However, you’ve lately discovered that adult orthodontic treatment is far more frequent than you previously imagined. In reality, nearly a million individuals acquire braces each year to treat a variety of aesthetic or oral health issues. So, […]

blog   •   February 24, 2022

Teeth Whitening Can Change Your Life in More Ways Than One

It’s no secret that some people are self-conscious about their teeth. It might be difficult to feel confident in front of people if you don’t have a bright, sparkling smile. When you smile on a date, a job interview, or a casual conversation with a neighbor, you may feel the urge to cover your mouth […]

blog   •   November 10, 2021

Know Everything Related To Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings that are applied to the chewing surfaces of teeth. By filling and covering the microscopic grooves around the teeth, these tooth sealants prevent dental cavities and microbial build-up. Dental sealants are frequently placed on the backs of premolars and molars since chewing necessitates their use. The adult dental sealant […]