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Get a Brief Guide on Dental Implants

Dental implants refer to replacing the root of the tooth, with an artificial one. These work as the foundation for an artificial tooth to be placed, which could either be fixed or removable. The purpose behind dental implants is to have a damaged or infected tooth replaced with a new one, which would match one’s […]

blog, Implant Dentistry   •   December 6, 2018

Why Are Dental Implants the Best Long-Term Solution to Missing Tooth?

    Dental implants are the best alternative to a missing tooth root. The procedure involves replacing tooth roots with metal screw posts that look and function exactly like a natural tooth. The most important thing to note about dental implants is, they sometimes serve as an alternative even to dental dentures and dental bridge. […]

Implant Dentistry   •   March 27, 2018

Confused How a Dental Implant Surgery Will Take Place? This is What to Expect

It’s quite essential to have a wide knowledge about an oral treatment before opting for it. Similarly, knowing about a dental implant surgery will not leave you perplexed during the procedure. A lot of you might have had bad dental experiences in the past, but did you know that a thorough research could have saved […]

Implant Dentistry   •   February 16, 2018

11 Interesting Facts About Dental Implant That No One Told You

Losing a tooth at the age of 20 is quite depressing but thanks to all the evolved technologies which let us live a happy life. Dental implant is an ideal way of getting a shinier set of teeth, so no more roaming around with a gloomy face or hesitating to smile. There are a lot […]

Implant Dentistry   •   November 24, 2017

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