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About Invisalign

Welcome to Affordable Dentist Near Me – Waco. We specialize in all phases of general and cosmetic dentistry. For crooked or misaligned teeth, we can help you restore them to proper alignment using our latest Invisalign treatment. It is made to work like braces, but is a more aesthetic solution as it is invisible at first glance. You can get your crooked teeth fixed without going through that phase where your smile looks awkward.

InvisalignWhy do you need Invisalign?

You can get Invisalign to help fix the following problems

  • Cross bite is a condition where both jaws are misaligned and causes some of the upper teeth bite over the lower teeth while some bite under. This can cause teeth wear, gum disease, and bone loss.
  • Under bite happens if the upper teeth are biting behind the lower teeth. This can disrupt normal functioning of your primary chewing teeth, molars. It can lead to painful toothaches and TMJ disorders.
  • In an overbite, the upper teeth arch bites over the lower arch when the mouth is fully closed. Genetics is the most common cause, bad oral habits and underdeveloped jaw bones. It can result in gum problems and basic irritation including decay and cavities in the lower set.
  • In an open bite, jaw does not fully close leaving a gap between the front teeth.
  • Gapped teeth are when your teeth are spaced out showing noticeable gaps between each tooth. This happens mostly because of an abnormal and continued growth of the jawbone. If you haven’t yet replaced a missing tooth, it can also cause the surrounding teeth to shift, creating gaps.
  • Sometimes there isn’t much room on the jawbone and it can lead to the teeth being overly crowded and bundled together in a smaller arch.

Invisalign aligners are made of smooth, transparent plastic that you wear over your teeth. They will gradually shift your teeth into place with a gentle pressure in the proper direction. You just wear your aligner trays every two weeks until the end of your treatment.

Consult with our expert dentist in Waco @ 855-500-2201, TX to Get yourself on Invisalign treatment.