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Each 5-6 weeks, you should have a meet up with your orthodontist to review your progress and modify your braces. Your orthodontist is going to do a detailed examination of the jaws and teeth, create a new smile plan and develop a strategy to make it happen.

Applying Braces

Putting braces on the teeth takes about 1–2 hours. Firstly, the orthodontist cleans the teeth and dries them, then he'll glue the brackets in place. These are the tiny bits of square metal containing the cables. Finally, he must put the wires on the arch and tension them.

Adjusting Braces

Braces use tensioned wires to keep the teeth moving. You see the orthodontist every few weeks for a check-up and an adjustment. Your orthodontist must determine how the teeth have shifted and then change the brace tension. The braces will feel tight in the days following an change and the teeth will feel as if they are being pulled around ... well they are! As your teeth shift over the next few days, the pressure will fade for further change until it's time for another check up and adjustment.

Do dental braces hurt?

The braces will often dig into the lips or cheeks. Your dentist or orthodontist will give you some dental wax (or you can pick it up at a drugstore) to make your braces more comfortable! To protect your lips and cheeks, you simply place it over the sharp parts.

Avoid these foods when you have braces on

  • Crunchies: popcorn, chips.
  • Stickies: gum bears, cookies, candy bars, gums.
  • Hard foods: nuts, pretzels, hard treats.
  • Sugar snacks: sandwiches, cakes, chocolate, soda.
  • Stuff to be bite in: apples, carrots, corn on the cob.
  • Snacks you have to chew: jerky, bagels, sourdough

Maintaining oral hygiene with dental braces

Food particles getting stuck in braces is a very common occurrence. That makes it very important to brush your teeth frequently and regularly see your dentist for a cleaning. Your dental team will probably suggest that you use an electric toothbrush and a special paste that you use once a day to reduce the sensitivity of your teeth and build up their enamel.

When it's finally time to take them off

Before you know it, it's time to remove those braces. The wires and brackets are removed by your orthodontist, and then the hygienist will thoroughly clean and polish your teeth. Will you like us to return your freshly structured teeth to pearly white with a teeth-whitening kit?!

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Zack E
Zack E
Absolutely phenomenal experience. I had the honor to have Carolina! From the moment I stepped in, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism. The staff went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and ease throughout my visit. The waiting area was inviting and calming, which helped alleviate any pre-appointment nerves.
Feb 09, 2024
Naisha Alexander
Naisha Alexander
Claudia and Dr. Chung are so awesome!! They listened and gave me an awesome plan to get my smile back on track. Very polite and professional and knowledgeable!!
Feb 20, 2024
Krystin Thompson
Krystin Thompson
First time here and I’m in love!! All the ladies are amazing and I’m so happy with my experience. This is my forever dentist. Daisy, Paulete, Karina, Chrissy, and Dr. Chung! Y’all rock and I can’t wait to build friendships with all of them. Thanks!! I almost forgot Johnathan. Thanks!
Feb 01, 2024
DeNisha North
DeNisha North
Dr Nguyen is really great and helped me out with my filling for my teeth with no problem. The ortho Dr Pham and Dr Jonathan are also great with my braces. They also have an affordable dental car plan if you can’t afford it or insurance.
Feb 21, 2024
Christina Davis
Christina Davis
I needed adjustment to my new denture which was rubbing against my upper lip. Jayda was very patient and worked until that sore spot was gone, as well as another one as well. She is very pleasant and is a great asset to Affordable Dentist. Thank you, Jayda!
Feb 15, 2024

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