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What To Expect

We see children from age 0-adolescents in each of our locations, with their families. We particularly love to see little ones in our pediatric offices devoted to kids dentistry, specializing in child dental care and experience.

What to expect on your child's first dental visit?

Once you arrive at our office with your child you will meet the dentist and the dental staff. The dentist should test for decay and alignment during your child's exam. The dentist can also ask you to sit in the chair and keep your child, depending on your child's age.

He may check for any possible issues with your child's gums, jaw and overall mouth health. The dentist or hygienist can also clean the teeth and assess the need for an application of fluoride and sealant. The dentist will assess the developmental conditions and will answer any questions you may have.

What to expect from your child's dental developments as they grow older?

Infant years:

It's time to see the dentist after the first tooth erupts. This isn't going to take that long. You should hold your little one in your lap while the dentist is testing their tooth (or teeth) and overall dental health.

Timing tip: arranging your visit after nap time and getting a snack would make your visit much happier

Toddler years:

After the first teeth come out, your child will see the dentist at least every six months. These years are all about making the dentist a nice, healthy place to visit because caring for the teeth is your child's second nature.

The dentist will add stuff to the routine of your child as they grow, such as toothbrushing (twice a day!) with non-fluoride toothpaste and flossing — with mom and dad's assistance.

At this stage, diet is very important. Gummy treats, including gummy vitamins and fruit chews, as well as starchy foods such as pretzels and potato chips stick to baby teeth and cause cavities — including in children. So make sure to snack on fresh fruits and vegetables and clean those choppers!


Your child is expected to have a perfect, full baby teeth smile by now and we want to keep it that way. Your dentist would check your child's teeth and add new activities once a day to accommodate their increasing motor skills, such as flossing on their own.

Fixing a cavity

In a baby tooth, several children get cavities. A dentist should handle it as though it were a grown-up tooth, like grinding out the decay and filling the tooth again. It can be really disturbing for children and parents. Note, children look to their parents for a way to react to issues, so speak frankly with the child and remain upbeat.


Soon, one of those little teeth will get wiggly and a giant, too-big-for-that-little mouth, grown-up tooth will take its place. When the new teeth join, the dentist must pay careful attention to balance with them. A good bite to chew, eat and talk is necessary. When there are signs of your child's teeth coming in crooked, your dentist can refer you to an orthodontist for a full assessment.

Middle school

All of your child's adult teeth should be in by middle school, except for their wisdom teeth, which usually do not arrive until later. Plaque and tartar are the targets for cleaning and your dentist may apply sealants to their molars to prevent decay. Your child is likely to become more and more independent too, and you probably won't help them brush their teeth like you did when they were five.

Make sure they retain the good habits that you helped them to create. Brushing twice a day, eating floss and eating fresh fruits and veggies are just as important now as ever.

High school

Your kid is almost all grown up. Yet to the dentist, they are not too grown up. Furthermore, teenage teeth may face a whole new set of hazards. Be sure that in sports they wear bite guards that have some risk of touch, particularly if they have braces.

What if my kid has dental anxiety?

It's fine. There are plenty of adults too. Speak to us prior to your visit about your child's fears. Our pediatric dentist has a knack of helping children enjoy their check-ups from exploring the office to playing a game together. Helping children know how to enjoy the dentist is one of our passions.

Choose a dentist your child will love

At My Affordable Dentist Near Me, we make dental check ups and treatments fun for your kids. What makes us truly stand out in pediatric dentistry is the fact that kids love us and how we treat them. So, parents love us too! Be a part of this loving pediatric dentistry practice. Book your appointment today!

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