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Healthy Root Leads To Happy Tooth.

It is an idiomatic term for dental operation, endodontic therapy, wherein the pulp is cleaned out so that the teeth are protected.

The main focus is to remove the damaged pulp and make the tooth safe from extraction.

An Overview Of Root Canal

  • The pulp of the tooth has soft tissues inside, which has blood supply in it. Through this tooth receives nutrients, and your teeth can sense the hotness and coldness accordingly. The tissue is prone to damage if there is any deep dental decay in it or has undergone fracture or trauma from recurring dental procedure.
  • If tooth becomes diseased or injured, bacteria breed inside the tissues, scattering infection from natural crown to the inside of the root, hence resulting in complete decay.
  • Which in turn creates small pockets in the gum, where pus formation takes place, and hence the bone inside of it gets damage. This produces pain and creates sensitivity to heat and cold, resulting in swelling and redness.
  • The treatment is performed under local anesthesia. A rubber like composition labeled as rubber dam is used to place in the mouth, to wrap the base of the tooth and hence keeping it dry.
  • He makes a small incision in the top of the tooth, to reach inside the pulp chamber. This helps to mitigate pressure inside the tooth and reduces pain.
  • Series of X-rays is done, to detect the condition of the root canal. Small wires like files are affixed inside the canal, to clean the food particles in there. It is just like irrigation. The canals are enlarged as per requirement, to insert a material called gutta percha.
  • Dentist can also seal or leave the tooth open to deplete the rest over material. A metal is placed in the chamber of the pulp, for strengthening the tooth structure. After this he prescribes an antibiotic so that infection does not spread in the mouth. Gutta percha is used to prevent any further infestation of bacteria.
  • At times gold or porcelain crown or gold inlay is fixed to harden the entire structure.

Advantages Of Root Canal Therapy:

  • It protects the tooth from decay. Until the person goes under this therapy he will spend sleepless night with soreness and ache.
  • If the damage gets intense dentist will prescribe to extract tooth. But if you want to save the tooth then root canal is the safest option. In later period tooth may be of no use but root canal will help the tooth to remain in that place.
  • For cases if you have already lost tooth, then you can only get it back with the help of prosthesis. This may take good amount of expense, so you can shift to root canal therapy; to save the teeth..
  • The success rate is 95% and heading each year to achieve the best.

A crown is placed over tooth, to protect it. If you have undergone root canal then act as dentist has prescribed you and avoid chewing hard food particles. The more you take in antibiotics the more sensitivity fades away. Come and fix an appointment with Affordable Dentist near Me, Fort Worth.

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Zack E
Zack E
Absolutely phenomenal experience. I had the honor to have Carolina! From the moment I stepped in, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism. The staff went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and ease throughout my visit. The waiting area was inviting and calming, which helped alleviate any pre-appointment nerves.
Feb 09, 2024
Krystin Thompson
Krystin Thompson
First time here and I’m in love!! All the ladies are amazing and I’m so happy with my experience. This is my forever dentist. Daisy, Paulete, Karina, Chrissy, and Dr. Chung! Y’all rock and I can’t wait to build friendships with all of them. Thanks!! I almost forgot Johnathan. Thanks!
Feb 01, 2024
Christina Davis
Christina Davis
I needed adjustment to my new denture which was rubbing against my upper lip. Jayda was very patient and worked until that sore spot was gone, as well as another one as well. She is very pleasant and is a great asset to Affordable Dentist. Thank you, Jayda!
Feb 15, 2024
Renee' R
Renee' R
Dr. Nguyen did a great job cleaning my teeth. She was very gentle and explained to me what I was having done. Angie, her assistant is pleasant as well. Very thorough. I recommend this dentist!
Dec 05, 2023
Not Important
Not Important
Great office. Dr Iqbal did a great job on my dental work. Dental assistants are very professional. Definitely recommend this place to everyone.
Feb 08, 2024

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