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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Definition of a Root Canal

A root canal is a method of preserving a tooth that has become infected or abscessed. During a root canal, the infected nerve is removed and then replaced with medication. The canal is then filled in. This process weakens the tooth, which will then have to be covered by a crown.

Having a Root Canal

You may have heard that root canals are painful, but at Affordable Dentist Near Me, root canals are not painful. The dentist will numb the tooth and the area around your tooth so that you will be comfortable throughout the process.

After you are numb, the dentist will drill into your tooth to make a hole into the canal that holds the infected root. Once into the canal, the endodontist will clean it out and rid it of all infection and then place medication in the canal to be sure that no infection remains.

Root Canal Therapy

Next, a endodontist will fill up the canal with a material called Gutta-Percah. It is a rubber-like substance that is FDA approved for dental procedures.

After the canal is filled, he will fill the area with tiny cotton pellets and then cover the tooth with a temporary crown. The temporary will stay in place until the tooth has recovered, which takes 2 to 3 weeks. During this time, a permanent crown will be created for you.

After the recovery period, a permanent crown will be cemented over the remaining tooth.

Most root canals require two visits: one for the canal procedure and one for the crown procedure. However, sometimes the canal procedure can take longer due to the issues with the tooth and the tooth’s makeup. You can rest assured that at Affordable Dentist Near Me, we will give you the best care possible so that you will get the best results.


Step by Step Process of Root Canal Treatment

When the tooth is anesthetized, endodontists make a small hole inside the pulp chamber where the canals are measured and shaped and cleansed.

Gutta-Percha is a material like rubber, filled into the canal and temporary filling and germ-free cotton pellets are used to seal the opening.

Basically tooth is recovered in few weeks. When the tooth is treated, crown is placed over it to provide complete protection. If sufficient structure is not formed on the tooth to hold buildup of core, they may post a post within. Then, all the infected areas surrounding the roots start healing.

How many times you have to visit for completing the treatment will depend on the amount of canals in tooth, level of infection, anatomy of tooth, whether canals are hardened and difficulty level of procedure. Here at Affordable Dentist Near Me, we strive always to attain best results as possible.

Therapy That Can Help Save and Heal Infected Teeth

In cases of extreme decay, teeth can become severely damaged or even killed. Luckily, through proper root canal therapy, you can restore health to your smile and save your teeth, also saving you the cost of implants or bridges to replace a missing tooth.

When you turn to Affordable Dentist Near Me for your root canal therapy, you can have complete confidence knowing that our professionals will be able to remove the infection and give you the healthy, beautiful smile you want!

Root Canal Treatment
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So, How Does Root Canal Therapy Work?

If you’ve never faced severe dental issues, root canal therapy can seem overwhelming or even frightening. However, the entire process is no reason for alarm when performed by a reputable, experienced professional like the dentists at Affordable Dentist Near Me.

Generally, root canal therapy is necessary when the nerve of a tooth becomes either infected or abscessed. As a result, it’s important to undergo treatment under a local anesthetic where your dentist will remove the unhealthy nerve and replace the pulp of the tooth with medicines, temporary fillings, and a root canal filling.

Because the removal of a tooth’s pulp will cause it to become more fragile, all root canal therapy treatments end with the placement of a crown over the affected tooth. Generally, this means getting a temporary crown until a permanent crown is created based upon the impression of your natural tooth. This helps strengthen your tooth and provides protection against future damage.

Is Root Canal Therapy for Everyone?

As is the case with all dental treatments, not all solutions are right for everyone. This means that it’s best to speak with your dental professional to determine if root canal therapy is right for you or if extraction is a better solution for your needs. From there, you can replace the missing tooth with either an implant or a bridge.

If You Believe You Need Root Canal Therapy, Contact Affordable Dentist Near Me

At Affordable Dentist Near Me, we provide customized solutions based off of the unique needs of all of our patients. If you aren’t quite sure whether or not root canal therapy or another solution is right for you, contact our team at 855-996-3531 or schedule an appointment to find the appropriate remedy for your issues.

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