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15 Untold Facts About Wisdom Teeth That You Didn’t Know Before
February 12, 2018  |  blog

15 Untold Facts About Wisdom Teeth That You Didn’t Know Before

Wisdom teeth or molars which emerge at the back of the mouth as we know put people through a lot of sufferings. There is a restriction on your diet which continues till a week and that uneasy sensation gets on your nerves. You might come from the doctors clinic after a horrendous wisdom tooth surgery and a tempting advertisement on food may just make you feel low.

But there are quite a lot of interesting facts related to wisdom teeth which you might be interested to know.

Dawn of New Cells:

A Japanese research back in 2008 has proved that pluripotent stems which are also called master cells come out of wisdom teeth. Pluripotent cells help in forming cells from the three body layers which are quite basic.

Sometimes the Removal Becomes Mandatory:

There are a lot of people who have still kept their wisdom teeth because with time the pain has gotten reduced or simply gone. But for many of the area around their wisdom teeth gets badly affected by infection. Therefore, the only option which remains for them is to get the wisdom teeth extracted.

Scientists Are Trying To Stop Its Growth:

Wisdom teeth do not take place right after you are born. It rather emerges in between the age of 15 to 25. So, scientists are trying to come up with a study which would help them from putting a stop to the growing of wisdom tooth.

Chances of Impacted Wisdom Teeth:

Sometimes a tooth which is forming does not get enough space to enter into the mouth due to which it is called the impacted tooth. These highly affect the neighbouring teeth and damages the area completely. So, rush to your dentist as soon as you face this problem.

Trouble in Cleaning the Area:

The area around the wisdom teeth might a great challenge to clean because it takes place at the back of the mouth. The infection might escalate due to it, hence, consult your doctor as soon as you start facing this issue. He would know the best how to clean it.

Formation of Cyst:

These days cyst has become a common problem among people and if you do not take care of your wisdom teeth, a cyst might form inside your mouth. This may lead to some other problem which could turn things worse. So, the wise decision would be to get it cured as soon as possible.

Ruins the Alignment of Teeth:

Wisdom teeth high affect the alignment of the other teeth because of which you may have to opt for braces if it gets worse. And who would want their teeth to take a crooked shape? Therefore, do not delay in the treatment at all.

Damaged Tissues: Several people have gone through or periodontitis because of wisdom teeth. It sabotages the tissues completely and also loosens the tooth. You may end up losing your teeth if the condition elevates. Therefore, it is one of the scariest side affects of wisdom teeth.

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