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4 Reasons Why Dentures are Ideal for Replacing Missing Teeth
November 02, 2016  |  Dental Dentures

4 Reasons Why Dentures are Ideal for Replacing Missing Teeth

We all wish for that perfect smile.

But as we age, our dental health diminishes and we tend to lose most of our teeth. Dental dentures can help restore that flawless smile that we all desire. The disadvantage with missing teeth aren't just cosmetic, missing teeth can also contribute to obstruct even the simplest everyday tasks, like chewing and your ability to speak clearly.

Dentures are natural-looking replicas of your natural teeth. They are made of a series of artificial crowns attached to a plastic base that is designed to imitate gum tissue. They are designed to look as realistic as possible. You can get partial or complete dentures, the difference being complete dentures are removable while partials are not. Consult with your dental care professional to know which one would be right for you.

1.Eat your favorite foods

Eating can be difficult when you have teeth missing. In such cases, you have to rely on soft foods. Keeping your teeth clean poses another challenge as food can get stuck in spaces and can be tough to clean completely. Getting dentures can help make eating and chewing significantly easier and mealtime fun once again. There are some restrictions such as having caramel or biting into a hard apple with your dentures.

2.Speak without a lisp

One of the most important functions of teeth is to help you speak clearly. When you are missing a few teeth, it's difficult to speak properly and you can end up sounding slurred. Dentures can help you speak clearly again. The first few days can be difficult as you get used to your new teeth, but you will get there eventually.

3.Look young again

Premature aging is often caused by loss of teeth. Since there’s no support to the cheeks and lips, they collapse inward and give you a hollow-like appearance. The facial muscles start to sag which makes you look older. Dentures return the support to your cheeks and make you look young.

4.Rediscover your perfect smile

A smile can boost your confidence or shatter your self esteem – depending on how it appears! Losing teeth affects your smile and it can get you down in the dumps. You don’t have to be miserable when you have dentures to give you the perfect cosmetic solution.

Taking care of your Dentures

The most important part is maintaining hygiene with your dentures. The following infographic can help you get an idea on how to take care of your dentures.

Customized Dentures

You can get your dentures customized to fit you just as you want it. Your dental health will improve drastically when your set begins to feel natural. There are various types of crowns to choose from and you can consult with your dental care professional to know which one is right for you.